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Strix G G531GU-AL060 heat issue

Level 7
Hy folks,

2 month ago i bought my first gaming laptop. Main reason for playing Destiny 2.

After a while I noticed some coil whine in idle state. I have searched about this problem and found, that is very common issue with this kind of gaming laptops and it is some kind "normal working".

Sadly I also find out that the CPU temprature is almost 90 celcius degrees while I playing. The fans sounds like a jet plane too. So I decided to repaste the CPU and GPU. For repasteing I used the Arctic Cooling MX-4 2019 edition thermal paste.

When I removed the heatpipe system I realized that the factory thermal paste isn't in the best shape at all. Looked and felt like a completly dry gunk. (Pictures below). I think it is very odd that kind of price ranged laptop. Anyway I repasted the CPU and GPU, make some tweeks in the Intel XTU and Armoury Crate and got this results during gaming.

Some raw data before and after the repaste and tweeks:

CPU and GPU tempratures while gaming before repaste, no CPU UV and Armoury Crate on Performance mode:
- CPU: 89 celcius degree
- GPU: 74 celcius degree

CPU and GPU tempratures while gaming after repaste, -0,135V under voltage with Intel XTU, Armoury Crate in MAnual mode where the CPU anf GPU FAN speed set between 60-100%:
- CPU: 72 celcius degree
- GPU: 64 celcius degree

In conclusion, I think the time and energy spent on it is well worth it. This made the laptop much cooler. With this UV setting, it works perfectly stable and also the coil whine eliminated.

So for those with heating problems, you might have to try this method. However, it is your responsibility to do so, because disassembling your laptop will void your warranty.

BTW sorry for my bad english.

Thanks for reading and best regards,

Level 7