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Step-by-Step: Using ASUS Recovery DVDs to Restore G75

Level 11
I started a thread in the G75/G55 user forum with the steps to use the ASUS Recovery DVDs. Rather than double post, here's the link:

Step-by-Step: Using ASUS Recovery DVDs to Restore G75

Update: After serious testing across multiple G75VW users, we can confirm that the ASUS Recovery DVDs do NOT work on 1TB drives (regardless of manufacturer) if they are burned with the base AI Recovery Utility version that ships with the G75VWs. Make sure you install the latest version (1.0.24) BEFORE creating your Recovery DVDs.
G75VW-BBK5 (Stock configuration with added Crucial M4 256GB SATA SSD as OS boot drive)

Need to know how to restore your G75 to it's factory-like condition? Go to my step-by-step guide:
Step-by-Step: Using ASUS Recovery DVDs to Restore G75

Want to download the latest drivers and utilities for your G75/G55? Go to this thread:
Downloading New Drivers/Utilities for G75/G55

Level 7
Hi All, I can´t find the AI Recovery in Utilities Section. does any one notice that the program is not there??.
sorry about my English

Level 7
By the way , I have a 1TB Disk 😞 thats why I need to find the AI recover .

Level 13
hi is your machine preloaded with w7 or w8?

Level 7
I Just booted from it. After selecting Language and keyboard layout I got a menu with Continue, Use a Device... Troubleshoot and Turn Off. The Use a device option got me. If I go there it lists the USB drive I booted from.

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