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Some Suggestions Provided for Optimizing Witcher 3 + G551JW

Level 7
So I've been seeing tons of threads and complaints all over the internet with people complaining about gaming with the 960M. -Most- of us understand it can game but its obviously not a miniature Titan X. I searched the internet and talked to many people about optimizing the laptop to its safest potential without tricky modifications. Here's what I compiled for this and hopefully I can help at least a few souls that search the interwebs for help.

To start download WinFlash available on the asus support site.

WinFlash will be able to download and install the newest BIOS from the asus website. (.207)

Make sure you have the newest driver downloaded with Geforce Experience. (355.82)

Download MSI afterburner and use the settings
+135 on the Core Clock
+280 on the Memory Clock

Make sure your battery is on high performance mode... Stupid I know but some people forget.
Change your processor power to 99% to avoid high temps from the Turbo Boost.

For Nvidia Control Panel under 3D Settings
Anisotropic Filtering: App controlled
Antialiasing - FXAA: Off (Witcher can do it ingame)
Antialiasing Trans: OFF
Power Management: Prefer Max
Shader Cache: On
Texture filtering On, Allow, High Performance, On
Threaded Optimization: Auto
Triple Buffering: Off
Vertical Sync: Off

Now for settings in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Note these are my personal optimal settings).

Ambient Occlusion: SSAO
Anti-Aliasing ON
Bloom: ON
Detail: Ultra
Display: Fullscreen
Foliage Range: Low
Grass Density: Medium
Light Shafts: ON
# BG Characters: Medium
Hairworks: OFF
Resolution: 1920x1080
Shadow: Low
Terrain: Medium
Texture: Ultra
Water: Low

With the 3DMark Firestrike Test I got 4375. Also note that I'm using the GTX 960M 2GB version. Mine is ranked 29, but note that the ones better than mine are mostly 4GB versions and have modified or experimental BIOS.

I'm now running Witcher at 35FPS which is acceptable for this midrange laptop at 1080 with occasional drops as low at 26FPS during bigger boss fights. As high as 45FPS in indoor environments.

With some creativity on more settings I reached rank 25 for the 960M for firestrike. Don't forget this is only the 2GB version. lol

Valid Result

So there you go, hopefully I managed to help someone out there!
ROG G551JW - i7 - 4720HQ - GTX 960 2GB - 16GB RAM
ROG G751 - i7- 4710HQ - GTX 970M 3GB - 16GB RAM

Level 7
You have good results there, however, maybe you could try to reduce turbo mode frequency instead of completely disabling it. You can do so in intel XTU program where you reduce the multipliers of 3/4 active cores to lets say 30x. You should be able to see small improvement and less CPU stuttering in high populated areas (Novigrad,Oxenfurt) where the CPU usage is around 95%+, but of course in other games too.
It is up to you 🙂 Cheers.

Level 7
Thanks for the input!

My main goal was to do something simple for normal users. I thought guiding people through XTU was a little beyond the average scope.
ROG G551JW - i7 - 4720HQ - GTX 960 2GB - 16GB RAM
ROG G751 - i7- 4710HQ - GTX 970M 3GB - 16GB RAM

Level 7
Tried this but Im gettign BSOD instead 😞

EDIT: NVM I fixed it.. I got additional 8fps, lowest drop is at 27fps at heavy environment. Thank you so much 🙂

Level 7
No problem, glad I could help someone!
ROG G551JW - i7 - 4720HQ - GTX 960 2GB - 16GB RAM
ROG G751 - i7- 4710HQ - GTX 970M 3GB - 16GB RAM