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Some annoying G750JZ issues that I have!

Level 7
Hello everyone.

I'm having this laptop for almost a year, now that I have bought a ASUS VX24AH monitor and plugged that to my laptop using HDMI my laptop goes sleep when I run games with highest possible graphic settings that they give. Even a 2008 game like Prince of Persia behave like this, is it something normal? I checked those two big fans and the right one was extremely hot, that's causing sleep I suppose. I haven't this problem without external monitor.

And also I'm running on Windows 10 (Always updated), overclocked the GPU with full speed of fan using ASUS GPU Tweak v1.0.10 (Notebook version), NVIDIA Graphics Driver 368.81 and only using external monitor if it plugged in.

My BIOS version is 205, there's a new update for that (210), is it safe to upgrade? Should I upgrade?

And the audio issue, from the beginning that I have bought this laptop I had something like lag on the audio output (Not always but mostly), running Realtek driver version is

I would appreciate any good solution or useful comment!

Level 7
Bump, anyone?

Level 7
Try turning off the overclock?

Tried, got worse...