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(Solved) Macbook Pro Retina Display 15" Vs Asus G75VW

Level 7
My Friend Has An Apple Macbook Pro With Retina Display And He Says That Is Better Than My Beast !! His Specs Are - 2.3Ghz 3610QM, Nvidia GT650M, 8GB Of Memory. My Specs - 2.4Ghz 3610QM (Overclocked) , GTX670M Overclocked , 16Gb Of Memory.... If He Just Says The Portability Is Better I Would Have Agreed But He Is Saying That Macbooks Are The Best !! Best All Rounder Notebooks And Bla Bla Bla.......
So What Do You Guys Think ? Retina Macbook Or G75 For Video Editing, Photo Editing, Gaming, And All Of Those Good Stuff


Hahahaha... I Like Your Style ! 😉

What About Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 And Photoshop ? I Think That Windows Is Better In These Programs, Mainly Because When I Went Through The System Requirments Mac Uses The Hardware More Compared To Windows. You Know What I Mean Right ? And My System's Specs Is Meeting More Than Enough Requirments ! And Also We Both Tried Speed Tests And Asus Won Easily... Rendering Test - Winner Was Asus
Every Single Test We Tried, The G75 Won Like A Jaguar (G75) And A Sloth (Macbook). And Because He Lost ... JUST BECAUSE HIS SYSTEM LOST.. HE IS NOT MY FRIEND NOW 😞

I'm Not Asus Fanboy. But What I Told You Was Real !


Do You Know Why Asus Does Not Put The Most Powerful Video Cards In Their Laptops ?
It Is Because The G75 In Not Only For Gaming Its A Complete Workstation Beast. Right Now It Makes No Sense Right ? For Video Editing The CPU, GPU And The Ram Works Together. The Quad Core Processors Decodes And Encodes The Video, A Powerful GPU Renders The Video, The Ram Helps In Background Rendering (Adobe Premiere Elements Pro) And There Are Some GPU Accelerated Software Too. NVIDIA GTX660M And GTX670M Are A Balance Of Perfomance And Features ! And They Don't Just Go On And Put The Most High End Video Cards They Check How Cool The Laptop Stays With Each Video Card, Which Processor Is The Best Suited For The Video Card. Etc. I Have A GTX670M With A 3610QM. And Perfoms Like A Beast ! There Are Alienware Laptops With A 3610QM And A 7970 In Which The CPU Cannot Keep Up With The GPU ! In Which The Perfomance Is Equal To A 675M And A 3610QM. Overclock The 670M And 3610QM To Crush The Perfomance Of A 675M And 3610QM Like A Tin Can. You Have Yourselves The Worlds Most Powerful And The Best Notebook.


Shawnnepc wrote:
I bet you that 650m handles games really well on that retina display. /sarcasm

I'm surprised that running any 3D game at 2880×1800 on that GPU doesn't cause the laptop to spontaneously combust 😄

hahahhahahaaa .. poof !!! What a great youtube vid That would be ..c.

chrsplmr wrote:
hahahhahahaaa .. poof !!! What a great youtube vid That would be ..c.

Very true...the Macbook Pro's have terrible overheating problems, and with the video card and thinner than ever, the problem is only going to get worse. The G-series notebooks are as powerful as high-end workstations (except for the Quadro cards, which mobile Macs don't have, so that point is moot), but cost a lot less. The cooling is really good on them, so they will be faster in every way, and you can fit a nice 1 TB HDD in there in addition to an SSD. That way, except for the display (which doesn't help for pixel-precise work because it simply has 4x pixels), the G-series is better in every way, and for the price savings, you can get a second computer (like an ASUS UX-series Ultrabook) for mobile purposes.
I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
We now have 178 people whose systems will not break! Yippee! 🙂
LINUX Users, we have a group!

Level 7
A few months ago I tried giving Apple a shot and bought a retina macbook, ipad, and Apple TV. I had never owned any Apple product and I was intrigued by the slick engineering and ecosystem as I was contemplating branching out and coding for Apple products. Well long story short, I returned all of the Apple gear within the 14 day return period for a refund, and bought a G75, Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7 instead. The only thing I miss is the macbooks amazing track pad and retina display and it's power to weight/size ratio, none of which the G75 can compete with.

Level 10
However, i'm a little sad over my G75 because these days all the game makers are trying to push the envelop on graphics cards. The minimum for Crysis 3 is a 5770 which the 660M in my G75 barely beats by 5%. If ASUS offered a 7970M version, that would be sweet, the 7970M outperforms the desktop 7870 and costs as much as a 675M. Meh, i may just keep a laptop, and buy a desktop in 2 years. Afterall, you can get a 7850 now for like $140. Either that or i'm going to have to start overclocking to just play games 😧
ASUS G75VW-BBK5 - 750GB + 8GB Hybrid Solid State/7200 RPM, 1TB 5400 Storage Hard Drive, i7 3610QM, GTX 660M and proud, 8GB 1600MHz RAM, runs quiet as a mouse, cool as an icebox, and three times the computer my Roomate's Macbook Pro is for $50 less.

Level 11
siddique305 wrote:

So What Do You Guys Think ? Retina Macbook Or G75 For Video Editing, Photo Editing, Gaming, And All Of Those Good Stuff


Video Editing, Photo Editing --> my workstation
Gaming --> my gaming PC

I don't mix play and work

If I'm on the road --> My MacBook Air , I don't need Retina

you will never make me do a desktop job on a lappy , sorry they are to much under power and the monitor is way to small.

Level 7
iIve owned a Mac book pro 15" and part of what paid for the g75 I have now, as I sold it 🙂 and I bought a g55 for my wife, I like apples portable products, Ipad, and Iphone, But...that's the end.

Level 8
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