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So check this out... I think I know why we get throttled

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From what I understand (and do correct me if wrong) the throttling that happens to us is due to inadequate power from the power supply (which is why it doesn't occur during Prime95 stress test because the graphics card isn't being utilized, but as soon as a game is fired up, then it happens)

Well Chastity posted this a few days ago in the Throttlestop sticky up above

So if we exceed the 150watts, which we do under gaming (especially since a lot of like to overclock the GPU), then that would be why the chip starts throttling, yeah? And if we disable the throttle, we draw more then 150W and we could start getting freezes.

Not impressed by her solution (which basically means an extra $100 from us, without offering any trade-ins) but does this solve the WHY?

Level 7
I would love to try it if ASUS would offer a trade-in program... not like they can't repurpose these 150W's for non-gamer 17 inch laptops.

I just feel cheated for having to spend a $100 for a PS on top of everything.

As mentioned I don't think its the wimpy power supply thats causing the CPU to downclock, so the 150 W will have to do us. Besides, just think of it: its much lighter to carry around than a 180W PSU!

If you want to be sure and not spend the cash, just go to your local university Physics department, borrow a tuneable DC power supply, set to 19V and >8 amps and rig a connection to your adaptor plug. I have access to a bunch of these: I may give it a go when I have some time.
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I'd like to clarify:

I was only offering the suggestion for people who want to overclock their systems, which runs the system out of spec. If you do not overclock, the 150w PSU is just fine for handling the loads. People who want to eek out more performance by overclocking may benefit by upgrading the PSU, and if you link to where I suggested, you can order a 180w PSU refurbed for $40. If you want to pay for new, that is up to you.

Some people have suggested that they use the 150w psu as a foot warmer in winter 🙂
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so if I am not overclocking, is it ok to use throttle stop with the 150w power supply ? because throttle stop really make my games run better.

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Yeah - that Ai Charger Plus is a nice little utility. I like that it can charge my cell phone from the laptop battery even when the laptop is shut down and that you can configure it to stop charging once the battery reaches a certain low percentage level, so you don't ever run the laptop battery down completely.

Since the laptop is usually sitting in front of me when I'm watching the tube, I may as well top off the cell phone battery while I'm at it... And if you're traveling with your laptop, no need to carry an extra cell phone battery.
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One pack the L1 tip worked (black with groove), on another, the L2 tip (yellow) worked. One of the two will. 🙂
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I dont think that PSU is cause of throthling it's mistake
MSI GT780R have 170W PSU with GF570M and same 150W with 560M so it have to be the common problem not only asus but i never heard from MSI owners about throttling
If we talk about hardware, 2670QM consuming 40-43W only while 100% 4C/8T loading and about 20-25W during gameplay

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Hmmm.. This was a surprise indeed. I don't think though that you can fix any power issues with throttlestop-software, but still, HWinfo64 shows that CPU alone, or CPU + whatever IA cores stand for, takes 70w under full load (if I'm reading it right, cpu package power ~38w and IA cores power 33w), and there you can add the GPU power consumption, which neither of those readings are presenting, am I right? And we should be pretty close to the 150w, IF the reported 75w is anywhere near what the GPU is actually hogging in this current setup.

But anyway when you push the GTX560M to it's absolute limits, like I've done, the power issues could be the reason for artifacts and other errors when trying to take every drop of juice out of it.
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