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Skylake successor to G751 in 2015?

Level 7

This year I am looking to upgrade from my G73SW, which I bought in 2011. I've been using it for video editing on Adobe CS, and of course gaming. It's traveled with me around the world, and is my favorite PC since my first home computer in 1993. Naturally I hope Asus can deliver an even better product in the next year.

Since video is very CPU-intensive, I'm really excited about Skylake and possibly DDR4 RAM. ASUS recently announced the G11CB desktop with these features, but only a refresh of the G751 with G-Sync. Does this mean we won't get a true successor until fall 2016?

I hope something with Skylake comes out before the end of the year, or in Q1 2016. My G73 is starting to get long in the tooth. Ideally I would also like to see M.2 storage alongside the two HDD bays. Space for two HDDs is probably the most important feature to me, coming from a video perspective.

Some things kept me away from the G751 and I hope they can be easily corrected in the next line. I hope the audio ports can be moved back to the left side so that cables don't have to lay across a mouse pad. I would also like to see less red and a return to white for the keyboard and backlight. Sorry, but the red keyboard is functionally useless and looks like it was designed for teenagers. It is shallow, but for $2000 I want something less garish.

What do you guys want to see from the next G-series update, and do you think we will see next-gen hardware in less than a year?

But isn't it metal? Or brushed aluminium. That's better than current G751 as the screen wont squeak or bend like the current one does. And still nothing on the internet about the new model - probably because mobile skylake processors haven't officially been released yet.

Level 7
I just creamed my pants.

Level 8
looks like 15.6 or 13 inch I hope its affordable for midusers
because as much as I like jt and jy they are a bit overpriced. I am saying this for Asus popularity sake.

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Really Gorgeous Design

Level 8
GTX990M Announced upgradable for MSI Laptops

Really Hope MSI Chose IPS Screen Now.