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Skylake successor to G751 in 2015?

Level 7

This year I am looking to upgrade from my G73SW, which I bought in 2011. I've been using it for video editing on Adobe CS, and of course gaming. It's traveled with me around the world, and is my favorite PC since my first home computer in 1993. Naturally I hope Asus can deliver an even better product in the next year.

Since video is very CPU-intensive, I'm really excited about Skylake and possibly DDR4 RAM. ASUS recently announced the G11CB desktop with these features, but only a refresh of the G751 with G-Sync. Does this mean we won't get a true successor until fall 2016?

I hope something with Skylake comes out before the end of the year, or in Q1 2016. My G73 is starting to get long in the tooth. Ideally I would also like to see M.2 storage alongside the two HDD bays. Space for two HDDs is probably the most important feature to me, coming from a video perspective.

Some things kept me away from the G751 and I hope they can be easily corrected in the next line. I hope the audio ports can be moved back to the left side so that cables don't have to lay across a mouse pad. I would also like to see less red and a return to white for the keyboard and backlight. Sorry, but the red keyboard is functionally useless and looks like it was designed for teenagers. It is shallow, but for $2000 I want something less garish.

What do you guys want to see from the next G-series update, and do you think we will see next-gen hardware in less than a year?

Level 7
I am in the same situation as you, LeeVanCleef - I also want to replace my G73SW. I was thinking about buying a G751JY, because the performance of GTX 980m is very impressive. But I am still holding off for a few of reasons.

The most important one was G-SYNC - when I heard it's to be supported on notebook screens I knew that my next machine had to have it. Recently I also wanted to find out, whether it was to be supported in the non-G-SYNC-branded machines. (The branded ones are still not sold everywhere) But from what I read, the current situation looks pretty good. If ASUS doesn't make G-SYNC available officialy, G-tools from gamenab should make it work for every G751. (great person)

Also the 4 GB of VRAM in G751JY's GPU scares me off a bit, because I want my next notebook to be as futureproof as possible - in the light of several lazy PC ports: Watch Dogs, AC Unity, Batman Arkham Knight. All of these were ported from the current-gen consoles, both of which have 8 GB of unified memory, and the PC ports of these games usually only worked well enough for people with at least 6 GB of VRAM (also an SSD often helped to achieve optimal performance with ultra textures). Also a few PC ports, that are considered the good ones, have high VRAM requirements (4-6 GB) for their maximum settings. So I hope the G751JY's successor will have at least 6 GB of VRAM, ideally 8 GB.

Windows 10 out of the box would also be nice, because I'm not sure, whether ASUS is going to release new Windows 10 compatible versions of drivers/software for G751's.

ASUS should release their new flagship gaming notebook shortly after NVIDIA releases their next generation of mobile GPUs, I guess. I hope it happens before the end of 2015 and ASUS uses 8 GB version of GPU and also Windows 10.

I agree with you about audio ports rather being on the left side. And I also think they shouldn't use so much red color.

Level 7
Same here. I pre-ordered my G73JH after seeing it at CES 2010 and got it a month later:D

Currently looking forward to (and putting money aside to buy) the next iteration with skylake, so I can properly play Star Citizen.

The current config (G751) looks good but I agree on the audio ports, although with my current setup it doesn't matter as I'm using an external usb DAC for audio.

When I get my new laptop I will do the same thing I've done a few years ago to my G73JH: replace the ODD with a bay for an HDD. I moved one of the 500GB hdd's to that bay and added an SSD.
On the G73JH I can't take full advantage of the SSD speed as it does not support sata3, but I hope to go 2xSSD in raid 0 on the next laptop 😄
Considering that most high end configs for the G751 I see in the market come with a m.2 ssd I'll probably sell that.

Level 9
Can't speak for Asus' refresh, but Skylake CPUs are due to hit a fair amount of laptops within the next month or so, along with DDR4 SODIMMs.

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Coming soon to your local store...

Ifrin wrote:

Coming soon to your local store...

How come there is nothing on the internet about this? Not even a single picture!!

Ifrin wrote:

Can't see clearly from this angle, but the back... does it have a single exhaust port in the middle? (a la G74)

Is this something we'll see announced at IFA Berlin?

Level 14
Yes I also thought the G751JY was going to be the one to replace my G75VW. While I don't game I do like using powerful top end notebooks. I hope the next generation does away with the red lights also. I also would like to see back side removable port to Clean the Fans and heat sinks. No Doubt all the new notebooks will be running 10 as OEM producers I think they have too? the audio cable thing doesn't bother me. With my G75 I was never able to trust the left side USB 3.0 port so I learned to use a right hand 90 on the right side there is just enough room for the mini Bluetooth under the cable and 4 port Hub no issues. Hopefully Asus will solve that on the next version of 17" gaming notebook. I also would hope that the next one would have the M.2 port separate from the 1 and 2 SATA 3 slots. Well we'll all see what happen this fall and early next year.
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From what I can see/read it seems to be a g751ch + a 128 SSD, yea the colors are a bit different. Somehow I expected a bit more change.

Err sorry now I see the Skylake, hopefully this is truly the base model for the line.

Level 10
The 6700 is less than impressive hopefully the refresh will get a 6920 but probably more likely a 6820. The ddr4 is nice but you wont be able to notice the difference in applications
theres also a n551vw coming for those who still try to game on slims
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