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Should I get a WQHD or 4K monitor for my G751JY?

Level 8
I've posted many times on this board that I want an external monitor for my JY, but now I can't get my brain to come to a decision: should I throw my money at a 1440p monitor immediately, or wait until 4K monitors are more affordable?

4K monitors are already dropping in price as we speak, and i'd like to believe by the end of this year a good 4K IPS monitor is available at an acceptable pricetag.

I don't game much, I mostly edit video, but when I do it's at 1080p because I still think games look great at FHD. 4K has an edge there since it has the same pixel ratio as 1080p. Decisions, decisions...:confused:

Thank you for your input, guys 😉

Level 11
For me personally go 4k w/o DPI scaling. The way I see it DPI scaling is throwing pixels away, while things do look crisper things are larger in size relative to the pixel.

I am awaiting delivery of a 40" 4k panel. I've listed some pros and cons below. Some of this can be applied to smaller 4k screens as well, but at that point to get my bang for buck I would go with a 1440p panel.

Pros of 40" 4k display:

- Games played at 1080p with no funny scaling so everything stays crispy.
- Less demanding titles you can still play at 2160p
- UWHD via custom resolution for games in between or were desired and still keep it visibly larger than 32" 21:9 monitors
- Essentially identical DPI as 27" 1440p or 20" 1080p screens for legibility at native rez w/o DPI scaling
- 2x the desktop real estate of 1440p and 4x the desktop real estate of 1080p

Negatives of 40" 4k display:

- No 'retnia' qualities (a pro for me personally)
- Not currently a mature market (can be hard to find, only off brand IPS, and branded VA currently available)
- price
- it is a very large monitor (subjective if pro or con)