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Setup Streaming (Twitch) with asus G751JY

Level 7
I already stream sometimes but and the settings in OBS are perfect.

My question is about the setup.

I want to see dashboard tools and twitch chat and everything without alt-tabbing.

I have a second monitor (besides the latop one) that is the one where I play - ASUS VG248QE 144Hz. But usually my configuration is "external monitor only" and not "extended".

What is my best option?

OPTION 1 - LAPTOP MONITOR with twitch tools and stuff + ASUS VG248QE for playing - EXTENDED version

OPTION 2 - LAPTOP MONITOR black (nothing) + ASUS VG248QE for playing + a smartphone/tablet for checking chat only - EXTERNAL MONITOR ONLY version

Twitch streamers out there reply, please.

Consider CPU/GPU lags and stuttering there are problems with option 1 or option 2? or none?
COnnection is fine.

Thanks for the help