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Sending G752VY for RMA/black screen issue/need opinions

Level 7

after consulting with ASUS support they told me to send my G752VY for repair. One thing I am having a difficulty with is that they won't detect the malfunction, because it happens occasionally..

My problem: after some time screen goes black, and never turns on back agin. So to be clear, laptop is on, i see the red glowing power button, i think keyboard light works
as well. But whatever I try to wake it - does not work. Only way to bring it back to life is to shut it down and turn it back on.

I read this forum ofcourse and tried following:
1. Update bios to 213
2. Disable hibernate and fast startup
3. Tried various power options
4. Updated all of the drivers, especially IMEI (take a look at the attached screenshot), and nvidia latest drivers-
5. Uninstalled asus quick charge + and rog center
6. Did a rollback of W10 Anniversary update

I have to also mention that I use since i bought the laptop donotspy10 application not to let windows know everything, and windows update is mostly disabled in services.msc
Dont know if this can cause issues? See screenshots.
In the event viewer I get event id 37, kernel processor power error, new chipset drivers should have fixed this but they didn't.
Does my unit really have a HW defect? Did anybody else have this issue and sent laptop for RMA and got it working like it is supposed to.

Did I miss something?


Level 7

after sending my laptop for RMA, they have changed the motherboard, and laptop and his sleep mode works like it should. I will write a seperate thread about this.
And on my repair sheet asus is calling this problem: Standby wake-up error.