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Second Monitor issues with VGA

Level 7
Hello everyone,

i am curious to see if others G75VW users are having scan lines on the second monitor when using the VGA port? I have had this since I received the notebook. This notebook is mainly used for work purposes and a second monitor is absolutely needed for daily work.

The refresh rate is stuck at 60hz on any monitor model I plug in, and i have tried 3 different monitors of different sizes.

Level 7
I have not had that issue before on my G75vw.

I have however had the issue on a work machine and with a work laptop (same manufacturer, go figure). On the work machine I was trying to split a mirrored screen from my computer to the projector (I'm a teacher). On the laptop, a netbook, trying to split it more than once (monitor and projector along with lcd screen) gave those lines. I believe what our IT folks said is that there was not enough power going through to send it to that many places. On the PC they installed another card that included another VGA adapter and now it works just fine.

I just tried it with my G75vw here at work and it worked just fine, even on battery, with a hookup to a monitor.

Level 11
j0ntar wrote:
Hello everyone,

i am curious to see if others G75VW users are having scan lines on the second monitor when using the VGA port?.

Not at all ... I have a bunch of different ones that get plugged in via VGA and no issues.

Newest one is the beastly auria 27 inch ( microcenter check it out ) running 2560 x 1440 on vga alone ... a flawless external display!

So I will update this with a bit of info for others that run into some problems.

I have not fixed the problem. I asked for RMA's from both newegg and asus the turn around time is 14 days for either. I have 8 more days on the newegg RMA, and asus ofcourse is through warranty which is a year. I have opt'ed not to RMA as a 14day turn around time is to much as this is laptop is my daily work desktop. According to the asus support rep and the tech at the local shop this is the first complaint of scanlines with the G75. I feel someone should have ran into the problem at this point though. I mean who these days does not use dual monitors.

Anyways, the issue seems to be VGA cables being unshielded and literally touching the the powercable, horrid design IMO. When the power adapter is pulled from notebook the scanlines will disappear. Scanlines get worse when more power is pulled. When gaming for example the second monitor could cause siezures -=] . It could be something more onboard as others are not seeing the problem. The HDMI cable however works flawlessly so using an HDMI to DVI connector at the end of the HDMI cable is the working fix for the moment. This lets me jack into any modern monitor and it is a better option regardless. VGA is for the old.

I may still take the laptop to the local ASUS support shop (Gibsonia, PA) which is only 20 minutes door to door. I would like to see what they think. I have been in I.T. 10 years and have seen odd problems with power interference but I want a second opinion from a person who has seen and worked on the G75 a few times. Just as an FYI I have done stress test against proc and nvidia components and all are still stable as you could ask for. It seems there are no issues with any other components other than the VGA port.

**Custom Additions
Installed w7Pro from scratch with correct EFI installation methods.
I did add 16GB of memory (same CAS) to get to 24GB. hwinfo64 shows everything workting as intended for 24GB
I did add two SSDs (ocz vertex 4, and an old sata 2 intel 320 for profiles and storage)

Memory can cause scanlines but in my case it is doubtful.

Used to happen with me. In my case the issue lies on the grounding of the laptop and the analog monitor. Just use an adapter to remove the monitor from the grounding and the scanlines should vanish.

I know it sounds weird, but the grounding loop acts like an antena and causes this issue. I'm sendind a picture of my setup showing that on the left monitor (connected to with the VGA cable I don't use the grounding.


Level 14
NVIDIA Control Panel will allow you to set a custom refresh rate for the external monitor. What happens if you increase it to 75 hz?

Are you certain the outlet you're using is properly grounded?
G74SX-A1 - stock hardware - BIOS 202 - 2nd Monitor VISIO VF551XVT

No i am not sure the cubical i sit in uses proper grounding. Truthfully all the testing I did was at work... which are all cubicals. Makes me feel stupid now. ha.

Thanks for the tips though both of you.

As far as refresh rates are concerned though, the 3 monitor types at work will only function with VGA at 60hz. I tried everything including creating custom drivers with rivatuner and nada.

Level 10
The external monitors refresh rate is based on the one of your output port! If the VGA port uses 60Hz then if you external monitors refresh rate is 120Hz it will come down to 60Hz. I have a friend with a DELL laptop witch has a 60Hz monitor and he also has a 120Hz SAMSUNG LED TV at 120Hz, so when he connects his laptop to the TV with HDMI cable the TV puts a message box on top of the screen saying the resolution it is at and the refresh rate, and everytime he connects them it says 60Hz. So there is no problem with your setup 🙂

Level 10
I have similar issue with my speakers. When I have the power plugged in I can hear a hissing sound (like static charge) coming out of my Logitech 623 and when I plug it out it's gone. I even tried pulling the laptop and cables as far apart as I could from one another and the problem was still present. Maybe there are some current leaks from the motherboard which could cause this distortion 😞 Sorry to say that, but maybe ASUS didn't do their job well this time.