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S.O.S help me g750jx shutdown during gameing

Level 7
since while i have a problem which :
when i play online (dota or bf4) the temp is reised to 90 (gpu)
und just like that the laptop shutdown instantly
can you help me finding the problem
i suspuct 3 problem :
1- overheating ( i dont know because i have befor heavy gaming played without problem )
2- Wireless card problem
3- something with the power

please help meeeeeeeeee ^__^;)

Level 7
yesterday i made i test i shuted the wifi and played singel player even so the computer shut down
so its not wireless problem
its overheating but what is the cause :
1- cpu thermal paste change ? i have bought the laptob befor 18 month
2- other problem

Status Under Review
Yeah I am not surprised if your unit is reaching that high in temperatures. If you're an IT Guru and brave, you COULD repaste it yourself.

After a good year, most users, if not all will start getting at least 80*C temperatures. Some 85*C+.

Send it in for a repaste, otherwise do it yourself.

You need to gut the lappy 100% though, literally take out the motherboard. Also clean your fans, too.. they do catch quite the bit of dust.

In my ownership since 1 year 5 months ago, I've officially repasted three times. Unofficially twice to test efficiencies.. so in total, I've repasted 5+ times. ;d

My max temperature now is 65*C that's pretty much a -20*C drop!

Check this out!

do you know how much to costs for repesting ??
i can do it myeslf but is there any thing i should be extra carfull with ?
if i do it myself and later i needed the help from the firma will they eccept my unit or not ?

thank you for you help ^__^