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Rog Strix G issue

Level 7

I bought an ROG Strix G531GU-AL001 laptop a few weeks ago. It came without Windows, so I had to install it (Win10Pro, 1903) and the drivers too. As I wasn't very experienced with installing drivers, I must've messed something up while setting up the computer. Here are the problems I've encountered:

I can't install the "ROG Keyboard Firmware Update tool V2.1.8" driver from the official ASUS driver site. It returns this error:
baseboard product is G531GU
find G531GU
Getlasterror 0
Error saving the Task 80070534
Updating with MyASUS also doesn't work, the loading circle just loops forever.

MyASUS returns a "Some functions aren't available, restart app or computer" message after trying to install the driver via Live Update

UPDATE: now, MyASUS doesn't show any updates on the Live Update tab, but I still get notifications from it to install updates! Ugh...

If I put the computer in sleep mode, not just the power button, but the whole lighting of the laptop flashes in red, which is super annoying, and shouldn't happen.

When I make a lighting sequence in AURA Creator, and play the sequence, nothing happens, the lighting just stays dark. I can only control lighting via Armoury Crate and the keyboard shortcut.

My question is, how can I fix the problems above? What drivers have I missed?
I have read about the eSupport folder, but I don't have it since my NB came with NoOS. Can I acquire this folder from somewhere, or do I even need it to fix my problems?

Thanks for further help.