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Rog strix G G531gt upgrading built-in 512gb M2 nvme to 2tb M2 nvme by cloning

Level 7
Hii everyone.. I recently bought new g531gt Rog laptop , just some games installed and it's already out of space. Iam thinking to put 2tb M2 nvme which I saw one model intel 660p M2 nvme 2tb.
But as everything is stock and updated I don't want to reinstall everything on new I want to do cloning. Since it's not a desktop, it's actually kind of headache but my question is
Will 2tb M2 nvme works or supported?
And can I clone all the partitions including recovery partition to new M2 nvme SSD?
Which cloning software to use? Acronis? Or since it's intel SSD, intel cloning software?

Another thing is the method of cloning. I was planning to use spare sata SSD. Which is clone built-in M2 to normal SSD first and then put new M2 and clone from normal SSD to new M2. Ya it sounds kind of risk but can help me here? I want to confirm 2tb size works so I can order from Amazon and then cloning operation . Will cloning works ?