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Rog Scar 3 G731GV Driver Install issues

Level 10
Hi All.

I am having some issues with the driver installs.
I downloaded all the latest drivers from the support site.
Attempted to install them. All of them completed without error.
However in Device Manager when check the driver date it still shows the older driver.

The Installs were done via the Installer bundled as well as attempted via the Installer scripts.
Again no errors were shown.

For Reference:

Latest Drivers in Image1.

Device Manager showing old date of the Drivers:

Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch.

Level 10
Hello SciGhost,
May I know when you unzip or extract the files, you were using the Windows built-in extract tool or other kind like 7zip or WinRAR?
Thank you.

Hi there.

I was using windows built in extractor.
I have managed to come right by installing the drivers manually in device manager. For some odd reason the scripts included in the archives although run with administrative privileges did not inject the drivers.

Level 10
Hello SciGhost,
Thank you for the update.
We find similar issue about extracting files by windows built in extractor.
If next time there is another driver downloaded, please try 7Zip or WinRAR.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you.

Thank you for the advice.
I tested that concept and confirmed that even extracting using 7zip then executing the script the drivers did not install.
As a good example is the Intel Wireless driver. I had to use the Intel driver assist program to actually update it correctly.
Perhaps going forward it would be a better idea to replace the script install with an actual assisted MSI installer that uses the correct intel drivers where needed.
Such as Chipset, Management framework, Network, Intel GPU driver.