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ROG Mothership GZ700 Screen Flickering and Keyboard light issues

Level 7
So a couple months back, after some Windows Updates and Nvidia Driver updates my Mothership has been experiencing a weird issue; the laptop screen flickers when I'm using a secondary monitor.

The Mothership is hooked up to a Monitor (set as the main display) and a projector (third display), when running games on the other screens the Mothership's display will flicker whatever is on it's screen about half-way up the screen. It looks to be an issue with games running fullscreen, but this also happens with Microsoft Office programs. It basically makes the Mothership's screen an eyesore and no usable as a side monitor next to my main display.

I've found some similar problems online about this but I'm none of the fixes for those issues pertain to mine. Updating Windows and the Nvidia drivers don't seem to so anything and I'm curious if anyone else is facing this issue, or what this could come down to. I've also tried messing with every setting within the Nvidia control panel but nothing seems to fix it. It only happens when the program in question is in focus in Windows, other than that it can be running just fine in the background and there's no flickering.

Also some of the keys on the keyboard only light up when the keyboard is attached, nothing major but really weird.

Level 12
Please identify the make and model of both the monitor and projector. For that matter, which laptop display does your laptop have?

Please identify the type of connectivity for the monitor and projector (how are the monitor and projector connected to the laptop, USB, Thunderbolt, HDMI).

How does the laptop function without the monitor and/or the projector connected.

Did the laptop, monitor, and projector setup ever work properly?

Look within Settings, Bluetooth & Other Devices, are the monitor and projector listed as multimedia devices properly?

Look within Settings, System, Display, Advanced Display Settings. Scroll through all your different Display settings. How do they compare? Same/Different. Click on the Display Adapter Properties (at bottom of Advanced Display Setting page). Are all the refresh rates for the laptop, monitor, and projector the same/different?

In your Device Manager, are there any failure/information icons listed? Is the laptop monitor, monitor, and projector listed (under Device Manager, Monitor)?
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

Thanks for the response.

The monitor is a ASUS VG279Q (connected via USB-C to DP cable) and the projector (connected via HMDI) is a BenQ HT2150ST, the Mothership itself is the 1080p model. The laptop functions just fine without it and I've never had the flickering issue. The set-up worked find for the first couple of months of ownership, but then it stopped working after both a Windows update and new set of drivers from Nvidia. Under Settings there's two listings for "Generic PnP Monitor," which I assume is the monitor and projector. The laptop and monitor are 144hz and set to such, with the projector at 60hz. There's also no issues under the Device Manager/Monitor list.

However, the issue seems to have stopped: I got a Valve Index yesterday and moved the monitor cable from the right-side of the laptop to the left-side USB-C and plugged the Index into the USB-C and USB-A on the right. So far I haven't see the flickering, yet, so maybe that will change with time like it did before. There's also no issues with the Valve Index that I can see. So, it's fixed... but I don't know why because it was happening on the built-in display of the laptop rather than one of the secondary screens.

Very confusing to say the least.

Agree, your problems are probally between your Internal Display and the External Monitor.

Your Internal Display should be listed as Monitor 1 and the External Monitor should be listed as Monitor 2.

I don't believe BOTH Internal Display and External Monitor should be listed in Device Manager as Generic PNP Display. Your use of the USB-C connectivity may negate my assumption.

How long is your USB-C Gen 2 to Displayport cable? USB-C Gen 2 (10 Gbps) cables can reach up to only 1 meter. USB-C Gen 1 (5 Gbps) cables can reach 2 meters.

There is a difference between the Right-Side USB-C port and the Left-Side USB-C port. The Right-Side port has Thunderbolt capability.

I would suggest you purchase a powered external USB-B Gen 2 hub and run everything from it.

Good Luck
G752VSK, G75VW-3D, G51J, G1S
Homebuilt Windows Server

So the problem is still happening, it seemed fine until I loaded up MSFS2020. The Display Port cable is only 1 meter so it shouldn't be an issue.

It looks like this is something strange in Windows at this point. No idea, I guess I'll just deal with it until I can think of something else since I'm out of ideas.

Level 9
Hello Sire 0,
Well... there are few possibilities to figure out.
You may try to change cable, and double check if you have turn on performance mode.
and power supply is another, need more cross checking.
does the issue happen when you connect only one external display?
Thank you.

It happens regardless of the mode that the Mothership is in from what I've seen, I usually keep it on Performance. I don't think it's an issue with the cable, but I can't be certain since I don't have other cables to test. And the issue persists regardless of how many monitors are plugged in, but the issue only occurs on the Mothership's built in display.

Level 9
Hello Sire 0,
Please kindly send the device to service center if the issue still persist.
Thank you.