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ROG GU501 Battery Wear Level Fluctuating (this fix worked for me)

Level 7
I've had this laptop for 10 months now and I think this is an issue with Windows 10 more than it is an issue with my battery. Here is the deal...

I noticed that when allowing the battery to fully discharge or mostly discharge (less than 20%), Windows determines my battery wear level to be anywhere from 65%, 32%, 25%, 50%, etc. Always a different number.

I've always ran the script in command prompt and used CPUID HWMonitor to check the level of wear on the battery. This is annoying because it causes Windows to think my battery life is less than it should be.

Here is the fix that worked for me... My battery wear level was at 32% and 64% respectively at the two times I did this...

1. Charge completely to 100% (you may need to turn off or be in sleep mode to get to 100%)
2. Drain battery to 60% (it's li-ion so apparently not recommended to drain the battery too low, OOPS!)
3. Put laptop in sleep mode and charge to 100%
4. Take it out of sleep mode and check again

Now the GU501 battery shows a wear level of 10% (which is to be expected for a ten month old laptop).

I can now get close to 4 hours on my battery when surfing the web, as opposed to just 1 hour when Windows was miss calculating my battery wear level. Let me know if this works for any of you guys as well.