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ROG GL552VL Keyboard backlight not working

Level 7
The keyboard light has stopped working at my Asus ROG GL552VL (windows 10)

ATK Package 1.0.0061 is installed. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall it again.

This is what happened before it stopped working:

  • After a Windows update, the BIOS was automatically updated from Ver. 303 to Ver. 304 upon restarting
  • Then the laptop was frozen with the Asus logo. Not even possible to enter the BIOS
  • I found that the problem is that BIOS 304 is incompatible with Samsung SSD, so I have downgraded the BIOS to 303 using AFUDOS
  • I also had to disable System Firmware at the Device Manager, to prevent Windows to automatically update my BIOS again

Now the computer is working with BIOS 303, as it has always been, but the keyboard backlight is off.

Any suggestion?
Thank you

Level 7
Another approach to solve this problem:

Is there some way to solve the incompatibility issue of BIOS Ver. 304 with Samsung SSD that prevents the laptop from starting?

That BIOS revision is from 30 July 2021, so it is probably not obsolete. Is Asus monitoring this forum?


I have replaced the Samsung Drive with another brand, to allow updating the BIOS to 304, but the keyboard background light is still not working.

I have reinstalled all the drivers and the ATK Package 1.0.0061

Could it be physically damaged? It is a strange coincidence that it has happened when updating and downgrading the BIOS, though