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ROG G75VX - Upgrade to Win10 from Win 8.1 E?

Level 7
Hi guys!
I hope this is the right spot for this post...

I purchased a G75VX second hand and sent the machine for a service to a reputed engineer (but not an ASUS authorised one as they're hard to find where I live).
He recommended (and installed) Windows 8.1 Enterprise on the laptop strongly suggesting that due to its age, the G75 would perform best with Windows 8.1 optimised drivers.

I much prefer Windows 10 and use it on my other computers.

I will be using the laptop for Adobe Lightroom 6.12 & Photoshop CC 2017 work.

I am not interested in gaming on this machine.

This is not a primary photo editing machine.

What do you think? Should I upgrade to Win10 Pro or do I risk degrading performance somewhat?

Thanks a million in advance 🙂

Specs: i7 3630QM @ 2.40Ghz , 16GB RAM, GTX 670, 120GB SSD , 750GB HDD.

Level 14
Asus support downloads if there are windows 10 drivers and software for your particular Model, you could try windows 10 if not I would think you would be better off sticking with windows 8.1. What you will have to do is install the Pro version and first thing use GPEDT to configure windows update to block all driver updates. Windows generic drivers will cause you issues.
So have downloaded and already to install Asus drivers for your particular model. Read up on them as some may need to be installed before you upgrade to windows 10. If you don't have a good back up protocol start one before you start the upgrade. Create a full Image of your OS SSD, and update this image with incrementals as you proceed if anything goes wrong you can easily and quickly restore back to before you install that driver or software program.

I am pretty sure that the G75VX does not support windows 10 and you may be able to get it set up and running pretty much it will take some tweaking and finding drivers that will work. I could be wrong you'll know when you register your notebook on the support website and see if windows 10 OS downloads are available.
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Thank you very much! It appears that only Win 8.1 drivers are available, even so it's only a few drivers available at all - so I'm guessing Windows does the rest.

Great point about creating the backup - will do so and give it a test.

Many thanks again 🙂