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ROG G75VX Graphic Cards that would fit

Level 7
Yes before anyone says anything I know its not cost effective (I just like tinkering)

What is the best graphics card that would fit into the G75VX laptop.

What I believe I know
- The BUS (connector) on this laptop is an MXM-B (3.0)
- Although that standard would fit and work the card itself has a different design specific for ASUS

So my question are
- Anyone have a list of video cards ASUS had made with that design, in particularly what is the highest ranking one in performance

Doing this for fun so any help to figure this part out is appreciated. Already upgraded the laptop to WiFi 6 and I have an SSD on the way.

Level 7
I discovered the following cards may fit. I was wondering because the 870M appears to have the same size as the 770M. I found a forum where some people claimed the 770M would fit into the arae that the 670MX was in. As for power etc... this is what I found

670MX TDP 75 About 100 Watts
770M TDP 75
780M TDP 122 About 122 Watts
860M TDP 45 About 60 Watts
870M TDP 110 About 100 Watts
880M 4043 TDP 130 About 122 Watts

Anyone have comments or ideas?