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ROG g752vs, 7th gen, or oc 7th gen!?!

Level 7
Last year i bought a rog g752vs : i7-7700hq, gtx 1070 8 gb gddr5, 17.3 inch 120 hz, g-sync, 256 ssd, 1 tb hdd, windows 10. 1 Month ago i caught a very nasty virus. It messed up everything. Changed every file extension (including music, videos, pictures, windows files) in a different extension that i don't remember the name, except that it was in russian. And every folder in my pc had a txt notepad file in it with the text : "We have all your files now, if you want them back come to this site and pay this fee". I panicked and did a wipe (not a restore). I lost the esupport folder. Started to have all kinds of issues since the wipe. Overheating 95-100 degrees even on old games like Borderlands or Left 4 Dead. The biggest issue is that the turbo gear in gaming center is always on extreme, it switches back to extreme from standard after restart but even on standard it still reaches temperatures of 95. When idle the temperatures are 60-65. No matter what i do (just browsing youtube or watch a movie) the turbo gear overclocks, goes extreme. I uninstalled gaming center and tried other programs like afterburner but it doesn't allow me to change the sliders or do anything at all, i guessed it is because the model of the laptop i have automatically overclocks itself when needed and manual overclocking is locked (thou in gaming center i have 3 options, standard, extreme and manual but on manual i only have 2 sliders : core clock and memory clock but i never changed anything there because i'm a noob, i'm not familiar with overclocking). Do any of you experienced similar issues? Any advice on what to do, fixes to try. At some point i figured that maybe i installed the wrong laptop model version of the gaming center. On asus site in the drivers section, when i type the model (g752vs) i get 3 results to choose : g752vs, g752vs 7th gen and g752vs overclocked 7th gen. If i choose g752vs then i have 2 other option : g752vs or g752vsk and after that i have to choose the os. Here is the full model name of my laptop : rog g752vs(kbl)-ba263t. I know i'm a confused goofy clueless prick but can any of you tell me which one from those 3 results is my laptop model so i can download the right drivers please? I know it's the 7th generation (hence 7700hq) and i know it overclock itself when needed) but i'm still confused which one is the right model to get the drivers. Thank you!! Have patience please, whe're not all computer geniuses!! Thank you again!!

Level 7
If you have the 7700hq, you have the non-OC version of the G752VS. The OC version has the 7820hk processor.

AcidZork wrote:
If you have the 7700hq, you have the non-OC version of the G752VS. The OC version has the 7820hk processor.

One problem down, thank you so much!!