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ROG G752VM Issue

Level 7
Since i updated the bios and windows updates, my smart gesture is not working, when i shut down the computer then boot it again the smart gesture dont work, but after the the boot and i restarted the device, the smart gesture amazingly works again.. i dont know whats the issue, maybe there something about the software, maybe the precision touchpad software should be updated, cause i did everything the Asus technical support told me, they even give me the application that i should install. then again. after everything stressing out for 6 days already, the problem still exist, needed to restart every time the computer boots up so the precision touchpad smart gestures would work. please fix the bugs i really spend alot of money for this laptop for small kinds of bugs, touchpad works but the smart gesture is not working properly.

after i turned on the laptop again, the smart gesture still doesn't work, i just tried going to the asus PTP Driver folder then go to win10 folder>x64>then clicked the install, amazingly worked. i put the folder in my desktop so if my i shut down my computer then boot it up again, its easier to install it again. please fix it asus. i really like your laptops. but with this kind of bug, its not good for the users investing in your products.

Level 14
notebook section to get faster ansver.

Level 10
I think another person here has the same problems, may have something to do with the latest windows update. There is a fix, look here -

turn off the fast boot.. and thats it.. smart gesture will automatically and magically works

Yes you really don't need fast boot anyway with these current production SSD boot times are actually faster from a cold start up and you don't have issues.
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