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ROG G751JL Display problem, randomly stops working for a second then back to normal?

Level 7
Hello everyone!

Like all folks here on the forum i'm a proud owner of a ROG gaming system, precisely G751JL. It's been in my possesion for like 4 months, but after 2 months a wierd problem appeared out of nowhere. So here it goes:
While watching videos, working on CAD software and especially gaming, the display stops working for like a second then all goes back to normal. This occurs extremly random, like one black screen per day or multiple ones in a aprox. one hour or even 30 min interval, while the application/video/game is still running in the background (the sound still plays in a normal way). No errors are displayed after the black screen. The notebook is allways connected to the power source.
I tried all the fixes i could think of: reinstalled the video drivers after a clean uninstall using DDU while in safe mode, used many earlyer version of drivers in the quest to find one that is stable but no luck, tweaked 3D settings in NVIDIA control panel, reinstalled windows (currently running windows 8.1), upgraded BIOS from v. 204 to v. 205, all of this with no luck.

So, if anyone experienced this situation, and may have found a solution, preety please share it to a fellow republican of gaming.
Any suggestion is apreciated.


Level 13
Sounds like a hardware or display connection problem. You might also want to double check your power settings and disabling turn off display functions as well as hibernate and sleep to see if that changes anything.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

I forgot to mention that. I did try disabling the hibernate and turn off display after x min under the advanced power settings on the high performance plan i'm using but no luck on solvin the problem. It might be a hardware issue, but i doubt it since many have this similar problem, this post proving that: I hope it's not a problem for linking this, if it's not allowed i ask a moderator of this forum to delete the link with my sincere apologies. Any other solutions i might try? Anyone?

Level 13
I dont think I would put these into the same category as your link. Those are desktop graphics on windows 7 and old drivers from 2014. What we are dealing with now is a GTX 965M mobile GPU with current drivers and windows 8.1

This is either Drivers or hardware. Have you tried an external monitor by any chance?
Have you installed any undocumented tweak tools?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, I'm not sure about the former” ~ Albert Einstein

I didn't try an external monitor to be honest, i have an old 15" i could try it on but it has only a VGA connector. What do you mean when you say "undocumented" tweak tools? Something like MSI Afterburner?

It's hard for me to belieave that i'm the only G751 owner that has this problem on this entire forum. Any other suggestions/solutions? Anyone?

i have the same problem, did you fix it ?

Sadly, no... Every day this problem is herrasing my inner calm lol. And i honestly dont think it's a hardware problem since i saw that many have this issue. I really dont want to send my notebook back for RMA. How about you Edward? Any luck on solving the problem?


I have had a similar problem with my G751JY. But only while gaming. Nothing new installed anywhere near when it started. In the beginning it was happening about once an hour of gaming, the screen just froze for a second or two, then flickered for a sec or two, went black for a short while and then resumed normal operation. Once i caught a Win10 notification that display drivers had stopped working and were recovered, or something like that.

My solution has been to drop core overclock in MSI afterburner at 5Mhz steps. Currently everything seems to be stable.