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[ROG G751JL-BSI7T28] Overheating

Level 7
I've noticed the problem getting worse over the past few years, the CPU is heating to 80-90C without running any particularly CPU-Intensive processes. My machine is an old ROG G751JL-BSI7T28 (which is functionally identical to the DS71, if anyone's familiar with that one)

Looking at the motherboard, the heatsink connections are on the bottom of the motherboard in a place I have no access to. However, I did what I could and went over the thing with a toothbrush to rule out dust and thus bad airflow. I can also pretty confidently rule out malware as the culprit, and I even checked to make sure I'm not inadvertently mining bitcoin or something. The fans have no mechanical problems, and the area under and behind my laptop have good airflow.

The only culprits I can think of would be the processor's connection to the heatsink/heat pipes having degraded over the years, or possibly my nonfunctional battery (It does not take a charge, requiring my computer to remain plugged in, but I've been too scared to remove it). I have tried fiddling with the power settings for minimum processor state when plugged in and a few other things, with no luck.

I'm not asking for a straight-up solution, but I do have a problem and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to mitigate the issue on my end, short of sending it in or replacing my machine. Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I am using a laptop cooling tray; It's an old one, but it works well enough. Makes the computer's sharp edges REALLY GOOD for my wrists, too. Thing is, it doesn't seem to do much in terms of temperature.

Level 7
Consider a Laptop Cooling Tray. I use one to improve air flow.

Level 7
Without a doubt, it's your thermal paste. The manufacturers thermal paste starts off not all that great, and all thermal paste degrades after a time.