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ROG G751-JT with XG Station 2 Compatibility

Level 7
I'm looking to buy eGPU XG Station 2 for my ROG G751 JT, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with my laptop. The purpose of me buying eGPU is to try and upgrade my stream video bitrate quality.

To be honest I'm totally a newbie at technical knowledge and things, but I just want to use my laptop with eGPU and Nvidia GTX 1070 or 1080. What I currently know is that XG Station 2 is thunderbolt 3, and I just know that my G751 JT has thunderbolt (but I have no idea which generation it is). Therefore is it possible for my laptop to be compatible with the XG Station 2?

Currently, I have no idea where to start since there is little information about compatibility of G751 JT and XG Station 2. I'm hoping that you pros out there would be able to help me adding a compatible eGPU with my laptop 😉

Level 7
Same problem here, i have an ASUS ROG G751 JT and want to buy a ASUS XG Station 2 and i don't know if they are compatible. If not can you recommend a docking station?

Level 7
These laptops have Thunderbolt 2 (20 Gbits/s). The XG Station 2 will not work with this laptop unless there is a firmware update for eGPU support via the Display port on these laptops, and even if there is an update for it to work, the data rate will not be as fast as Thunderbolt 3.

More info can be found via google --