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ROG G750JS Is turning off after start

Level 7
Hello everybody,
My notebook is turning off spontaneously and i am not quiet sure why.

Its Asus ROG G750JS - t4070h ( ) + i bought SSD (180gb Intel pro 1500 SSDSC2BF180A4L ) where i run win10.

Those might be redundant information, but maybe it's somehow linked with my current problem and i just dont see how.
Few weeks after my warranty ended my battery died completely i mean notebook recognise it, considering that battery diode turn on when its plugged in but as i said its dead so i took it off and for past 9 months i use it as portable working station.
Also my keyboard broke down month ago, like 1/3 keys stopped working i tried to fix it but keyboards in G750 series are like little forts so i ended up just unplugging it from the motherboard and started using external USB keyboard instead. Because whole new keyboard for this type of notebook cost like 240$ which is kinda out of my budget atm.

Problem description:
First occurred like 2 days ago, while i was playing games. At first i was bit at shock but than i assumed that it might just overheated or that there is some problem in my electric network ( as i mentioned before i dont have battery in my notebook so when there is no electricity it shuts down).
So i just turned the notebook back on and it was running well for like 3 hours then it shutted down again so i turned it back on and everything worked fine until the end of the day when i turned it off.

Next day it started happening again but in whole new scale.
When i click on power button, notebook turn on for like 0-2 seconds and than in shuts down, this happen in most of the cases (approximately 70% of the cases)
When this happen i unplug the power supply wait for the few seconds than plug it back in and try again. (I noticed that if i dont put out power supply in between tries chance that notebook boot up is close to non)
Sometimes notebook boot up and i get to log in screen sometimes i even able to log in but it usually shuts down anyway in a little while.(approximately 20% of the cases)
And from time to time laptop boot up like normal i log in and its working (approximately 10% of the cases) sometimes it runs fine sometimes it shuts down when i start working on it. I dont know if that shutting down is due time or power ballast.


Overheating is not the case i disassemble my laptop cleaned it, i tried ti wait a while in between my tries to wait until its cooled down but the problem is still there.

Charger is also most likely not the problem. I dont have another 180W charger but i tried 90W charger that i have and the problem is still there.HDD and SDD, I can see both in BIOS same with DVD mechanic. When i unplug those components i usually can get to BIOS and when i am in BIOS it works fine(no shutdowns) but few times it shutted down ever before i was able to get in BIOS so i assume that the problem is somewhere else.

RAM memory
, i can see it in BIOS. When i unplugged my RAM memory and try to turn on my laptop the power button lights up and the problem is not there so i thought there might be something wrong with my memory but i don't believe that the case either even thought that i dont have another SDRAM DDR3 to try. I downloaded program called memtest86 memtest86 ( ) which is specialized in RAM memory testing and u created bootable USB and run all those tests and after 3 hours of testing it shows that RAM memory should be fine as well. You can check outcomes from memtest86 in photos here :

Motherboard, Graphic card?
I am not quiet sure how should i test those two.

Does any of you have any idea what the problem might be? I am not able to see any logic in this kind of problem.
So i assume i have few options now. I put my laptop to repair shop and i'll hope that they will figure something out. But i have this bad feeling that they will run few tests and than tell me that there is „something“ wrong with my motherboard and i should by a new one and charge me 150$ for technician work…
Or i should buy new laptop and take this apart and sell those parts. I am poor student and i count every $ that i have, so i would like to at least be sure what is causing the problem before i decide whether i should buy new laptop.

Sorry for my broken english, if you need any clarification feel free to ask.
Thanks for all your answers.

RE: I just found out that i am not the only one with this kind of problem there are other people with same problem like me… altrought its good to know i am not alone i cant find any solution to this problem.