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ROG G750 lid cleaning

Level 7
Pretty straightforward question- how do you clean the lid of the G750? I own the JZ but I suppose that the G750 series lid is the same matte black. Whenever I use some kind of cloth it leaves marks like if the cloth is dotted it leaves dots, even tho I swipe not just put it on the lid...

Status Under Review
Yeah good luck with that. The rubberised finish is a reeeeal pain to clean, so is the brushed steel deck around the keyboard. Run a damp sponge over it with some sunlight on it and lo behold.

The best thing I've been able to do is wet sponge with windex to try get the oil out, rubbing alcohol 100% doesn't do it for me.. it's like you need a rubber friendly degreaser or something.

With the steel brushed deck, run a cloth up and down along the grain to get rid of the oils, need cleaning product of course to help.. again I use windex, still need a firm rubbing to get it out.

She's hard to keep clean, dirty girl the G750.

BTW that same LCD friendly solution (bought it at BestBuy) i use for the keyboard (pretty much the whole computer). Never had an issue of discoloration or anything.

Level 9
I use microfiber cloth with the same solution that goes on the LCD screen. Works like a charm.

Status Under Review
Mr. Maxter ;x, after you do the wipe, have you tried running a wet sponge to see if all the oils actually came off? You will notice by halo rings and displacement.

I myself when try your method.. can't get anything off. It's incredibly hard.. so unless it's because I can see it when I wet it, and the solution you're using is drying up too quick.. then I do not know what sorcery is this.

Level 9
i haven't. I'm all about cosmetics. After I clean, it looks clean = good enough. I think the LCD cleaning solution is somewhere around 30-50% isopropanol... most of the fats should be removed with this cleaning (sometimes i give it a harder careful rub)

Level 8
Microfibre cloth (fibre spelt the correct UK way 🙂 ) And this
for the screen, casing and keyboard area, takes about a minute to do the whole thing!

I do it daily it's so quick.
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