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ROG G74SX power issues. Help?

Level 7
So I have an old G74SX that has been running great. It randomly shut off on me while I was running War Thunder on low to medium low graphics. It wasn't hot at all, and the battery held its charge. The battery light was blinking orange/green before it shut off, which it had been blinking a few weeks prior, but never shut off.

Fast forward to now, it will not turn on at all. I swapped power sources with my other Asus (G51) and they both work perfectly. The battery light flashes really quickly and faintly when it's plugged in, but it will not power on what so ever. I've searched a bit and found that it could be the power Jack? Here's a couple pics of it to she what the solder joints look like. They seem to be a bit rusty. Could the power jack having corroded joints be my issue?

Level 7
Hello FuzzuROG
Thank you for your inquiry.
I don't think it could be the power jack, otherwise, you won't be getting any power with the PSU after all.
To my knowledge, it could be the aging battery that can no longer output enough amps for the laptop that lead to random shut offs during gaming.
In the end, the battery dies eventually? Just my guess with the limited information. If you are unsure what to do next, I would suggest to send it to your nearest service center for a check up. Our engineers will help you diagnose, thank you

Well it doesn't power on whether I have the battery in or not. The flashes that I get on the battery light now are very quick flashes and are in very rapid succession. I think if it was the battery, the power supply would at least give me a red charging light. Mind you, if I hold down the power button while it's plugged in, the flashing battery light dims by almost half, and there are no sounds or anything coming from the power supply or the laptop itself

Level 10
From the looks of the last picture, your jack terminals need a bit of fresh solder. You can try soldering it again with just a bit of solder. Just be careful not to create shorts.*

That's what I was hoping for Julskey. I was ready to drop the $6 for a new power jack, but I'll clean the old solder and put some new on it today and hopefully bring good news. I didn't want to do anything until I had some solid feedback. Thanks man