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Rog G74SX Hardware Specs

Level 7
Hi there,

The motherboard in my G74SX - TZ163V laptop has died. I'm not looking to ressurect the laptop but do want to salavge some of the other hardware - RAM, CPU, GPU - and reuse them a desktop I want to build.

The problem is that I cant find a list of what model the hardware is. I remember the CPU is an i7 but not what kind.

Can anybody here help me with this? Or point out if it would be a problem to reuse this hardware.

Thanks in advance.*

Level 10
I think you can not use most of the hardware from your laptop into a desktop setup. CPU and GPU are directly soldered to motherboard. RAM is of different construction.
The most you can recycle is the HDD or SSD and maybe the WLAN card?

Level 9
You're better off just getting a new motherboard and selling it after it's fixed.

CPU - 2nd Gen Core i7 - FCPGA988 Socket (Mobile socket, will not fit desktop motherboard)
GPU - GTX560M - Soldered to motherboard
Ram - DDR 3 Laptop Ram - 204 pin laptop socket (will not fit desktop)

HDD or SSD would be the only thing you could use in a new board, it's just not worth gutting the laptop for that.

You can also sell on ebay as broken as is - for parts.