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Rog g551jw-cn319d w/(m)SSD of 24 GB. special setup needed?

Level 7
Hi there! I just purchased a ROG G551JW-CN319D and I know it has a (m)SSD of 24 GB that's supposed to be working as an accelerator for the system, providing superior performance overall. However, my question is: does this drive need some sort of special setup in order to work or the simple presence of it in the system automatically boosts up the speed? Right now, I can see the SSD in the disk management (under Windows 10), as Disk 1, carrying a 22.24 GB size but appears as having the space "unallocated". Do I need to make it a volume (right now it is not since its not allocated), or there's another setting to allow Windows to use it to speed up the system?

Level 7
It can work as a cache but only with Express Cache installed

you can find it here

As I have exactly the same model, G551JW-CN319D, I downloaded the software you mentioned above - Express Cache from Asus and installed it. Question is how do I see if it works, because it doesn't appear as a program, I cant find it installed or so. There is nothing to say it is working or not.
Although Express Cache is listed on Settings - Application, so theoretically is installed, it cannot be accessed from Programs, it doesnt exist...

Level 7
Open a CMD in the folder Express Cache is installed and run ECCmd -info
You should get some info including read and write cache statistics