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ROG G53SW User Review

Level 7

I'm new to the forum and this is my first experience here, so I decided to start off with a little review of the product that I've got.
I am currently an owner of Asus ROG G53SW notebook, I know it's kind of out dated model, however, it is the only laptop that met my requirements.
So I began my journey in finding a laptop for myself 2 months ago. After some research, I came up with bullet points that my next laptop should have (if one of them is missing, it's a no).

1. Must have pretty good specifications.
2. Have a superb cooling system.
3. At least 2 HDD slots.
4. 2 Year warranty.
5. 15 inch screen.
6. 1366x768 resolution screen.
7. Reliable manufacturer.
8. Budget of £1000, not a single penny more than that.

The G53SW has met all the requirements, plus I have saved up on a bag, mouse and got a free COD: MW3 game.

When it arrived and I breached inside the box, I was amazed by the size and looks. It is bigger and looks better in real life than on the picture. The back surface of the laptop is very soft and feels very nice. I liked it very much, oh and the exhausts...oh those exhausts...mmmm...
I was expecting to receive something less bulky and smaller size, it came out bigger than expected, and to be honest, I like it even more than my expectations. It is a rock-hard laptop, it feels powerful, it looks fantastic. The rough edges of the design are fantastic. The keyboard is very friendly, I got used to it in less than a day. There are no features that I dislike about the machine.

Inside the laptop I found 2 Seagate Momentus XT hard drives, both 500GB each. I was also aware that the laptop comes, with somewhat out-dated graphics card, which has totally outperformed my expectations. 2 RAM Sticks, both 4GB each, branded as Hynix/Hyundai. Intel Core i7-2630QM Processor.

It booted up quite fast for the first time. I didn't spend much time configuring Windows, so I was on the go pretty much fast after pressing the power button. The functionality of the laptop is amazing, I'm talking about the Fn shortcuts.
The laptop came with not so much bloatware, just some random trial anti-virus software, which I got rid of straight away.
A bit later, Asus Auto-Updated shared the same fate.
When using the laptop, the screen feels bigger than 15.6", especially minimizing the task bar and resizing desktop icons to a smaller size makes the screen look like it's 1080p, even though it's not.

In terms of performance, I haven't done any benchmark testing yet, but it definitely amazed me. It boots fast, it is very responsive, it is a good experience.
As you already know, the hardware is out-dated, so what's the gaming experience like?
Well, I've only tested a couple of games. COD: MW3, StarCraft 2, Need For Speed The Run and last but not least - Max Payne 3.
All games run on highest settings, with very smooth frame-rates. I will be testing more games as I move on.

The only problem I've had so far was the battery. I don't use the laptop without the charger, but as days have past, I've noticed that the battery would only charge up to a certain percentage. During my first use it only reached 99% and wouldn't charge any further and after a week it would be 96%. I believe it's something wrong with sensors, and BIOS does not have any Battery Calibration Tools in it, however a quick call to Asus Support solved the problem and now it's back and is currently charged to 100%.

This is a bit tricky. The speakers are brilliant, especially using THX TruStudio Audio Enhancer. They are up to 3 times louder and provide better sound quality than my previous laptop. I don't mind not having an integrated subwoofer, because the sound is just so good.
The built-in microphone is weird. I am one of those people who likes to have Skype conversations with my friends, and most of them have reported that they can barely hear me. I've twisted microphone setting in all possible ways. I've recorded myself and it seems all right. Maybe I'm just being trolled.

Overall, the laptop is great. Yes it is not up-to-date as G55/75 series, but it does the job, it performs well, doesn't burn your lap, stays silent and I think this is the best laptop I've ever had so far. I am very pleased and this is the only time when I have peace-of-mind that my money was well-spent. I would totally recommend any G Series laptops, they are absolutely brilliant.

Thank you for reading (if you did), and if you have any questions, please write them down below.

Level 18
aMgDrew .. Thank You .. and Welcome to ROGforum.

A very well thought out and honest 'From Experience' Review .. the very best kind.c.