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ROG G14 2024 Performance on battery/PD power

Level 7

I have noticed extremely degraded performance while on battery or with using USB PD charging. I realize the performance will not be as good without the normal AC charger but if I am on battery or using a 100W USB PD charger it is basically unusable. When on battery it works for the most part but has extreme stutters which is odd because my understanding is that the battery performance should be the same as on AC but for only about 45 minutes to an hour, but this does not seem like the case.

For the PD issue, I have noticed that the laptop will essentially downclock the GPU to 210MHz and keep it there. When I unplug the PD charger it shoots the clock speed back up but then I have the issue on batter that are listed above.

Has anyone else with this model experienced this?

for reference my laptop is the Black 4070 32GB RAM model.