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ROG 751JY Not Charging

Level 7
So, I've had my laptop for a while-- since 2014? 2015? Time is a blur. I've had very few problems with it: it works like a charm, can play all the games I want no problem, and has never bluescreened because of the Asus hardware itself (I'm not a great laptop mom, either... I've dropped it, accidentally spilled a drink once several years ago and just about cried like a small child out of fear). Recently, it had the common problem this laptop seems to have, which is with the battery not holding a charge anymore.

Well, I replaced it. Battery seemed in good condition when we bought it, it was an original asus- issue is... My laptop isn't charging now, at /all/. My charging cable has issues staying in the port sometimes, but the laptop /says/ it's charging, even though it's only at two percent. I really can't afford a new laptop right now because I'm going back to school, and it's too old for it to be a warranty issue. 😞