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Replacing the BIOS battery on my Asus G53SX-NH71 (which has stopped booting entirely)

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My laptop's main battery has been dead for several years, but it wasn't a problem until just recently when it started blue-screening occasionally and eventually stopped booting entirely. I've been told that it's likely due to both the main and BIOS batteries being dead, causing the BIOS to freak out. A replacement main battery is on the way, but I'm uncertain of what exactly I need to replace the BIOS battery. Judging from various pictures I've seen of the G53SX motherboard on Google and eBay, it looks like a button battery that I could find at a local store. However, even if that's the case, I'm not sure which specific type fits my laptop. Can someone point me to exactly what I need?


Level 7
I'll be grateful even if you can't directly help me but can point me to another forum/website/etc. that might be useful.

I think your staining our experience here, G73 are what 8 + years old now? If Asus still have a manual available there should be a listing as to what battery it uses.
You might PM C4RN1 I think he is still in the business of repairing notebooks he may know offhand.
I just had to change the CMOS Battery on one of my desktops I couldn't find the battery type anywhere. so I just pulled and it was marked 2032 I had one on hand and dropped it in.
Not sure about the G73 Seems the G75 and later have the CMOS battery soldered on to the Mother Board so you might not be able to just read the marking?
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I own a G53SW and there is the same Batterie installed. The battery is wrapped in a kind of sealed sack. You have to replace the battery with the installed little Wiring Harness.

You have to disassembly the Keybord, Palmrest, under casing, Display and upper casing to reach the Batterie. The little Devil is fitted directly under the upper casing. The cable and connector for the Batterie could be watched underneath the Keyboard.

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This Picture is from an eBay Listing. This is not the original Asus Batterie but it will work with your G53SX. I attached the Picture to to sharpen the view 😉 .