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Replacement Parts for G75VW

Level 7
Hoping someone on the Forum can help because ASUS Support can't/won't. I need to replace my optical drive (DVD burner) on my G75VW. I would also like to replace the 8GB RAM with a 16GB kit. ASUS support states that they do NOT have a part number for either and do not sell them. They claim that the only thing I can do is send the whole unit in for repair (at my expense). I am quite capable of replacing an optical drive and RAM upgrade.

Could someone please tell me the spec/form factor of the drive and spec/type of RAM this machine takes so that I can just order them from Newegg or Amazon and be done with it? Much appreciated.


Level 14
Well, you have your old DVD drive to get the form factor from there all pretty much the same you'll just need to adapt your cover to fit.
If you have 8 GB of Ram now you probably have 2X 4 GB under your keyboard and two empty slots in the same open bay when you removed the hatch door to replace your hard drive Use something like Hwinfo64 it will show you the Timings and voltages and even the brand name of the currently installed ram just match up the timings and voltages and install them in the empty slots. There are a ton of Videos on Youtube on these notebooks.
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