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Repasted G750JX, shocking result.

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I just recently did a repaste on my G750 and it turns out my temps lowered down by a staggering 10-15*C BOTH on CPU and GPU

My past temps were 83 max record on the CPU and 82 on the GPU


CPU used handbrake bench, before 83*C, after 71*C

GPU used Furmark (Burn In 15min 1920x1080) before 82*C, after 68*C

The process took me 6 hours, ( of course I will be careful ) but when I pulled off the GPU heat sink, there was crap EVERYWHERE.. all over the board, even under the plastic protectors of the chips.

They use this sort of weird.. "paste" looks like it's some blue-tack like strip you just put down, unless it's machine applied.. it looks extremely formal. It was practically dry in my understanding.. after 9 months use on low-end games ( I play stuff like Warcraft 3 mostly with my friends, and high-end games on the side, temps never exceeded 65-70 on the GPU Tweak report )

I was literally scraping off the old stuff with a paste spreader, it looked like a cracked wall, and crumbled like plaster.

Replaced with Arctic MX-4 (I didn't use silver, though I could have for the main chips on the die, but everything else was quite small and difficult not to make a mess, I didn't want to risk getting it onto the board.)

It looked like this when I first removed it

How it looks when applied during assembly?

What ever that paste is that came stock, it's simply terrible.. 10*C I understand is quite the improvement. Also got a chance to clean out my fans which was nice.
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Darnassus hello.

I've had a 750JX rb-71 since about the same time (according to what I've gleaned from your posts) that you bought yours. I got it for gaming.... the good stuff :D. I figure that it was born to the same hand(s) or machine that pasted your JX.

My CPU idle(d) at approx. 47*C.... when not in use (pumped up to the 2.4 ghz level) and now at 54*C after tweaking to a constant 3.35ghz. and my G770m at between 49*C & 55*C. at stock idle.

When I play an online game called Elite: Dangerous with every setting at max, my temps are: CPU-70*C / GPU-85*C and absolutely no problems....throttling, BSOD, annoying messages or the like. All runs smoothly.:o This game really uses a lot of resources and actually pegs my JX's memory use...all 3 gigs of it and about 11gigs of the 20gigs installed of shared system memory.

Question: What condition do you think my paste is in. I've considered re-pasting just for measure but if I can't get myself sufficiently paranoid:( about it after 2yrs. 7mo. of high end gaming, I'll likely just let it be.:confused: The second part to my question is...How's your JX doing these days?

Thanks for any reply(s)


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Does anyone know how tick the thermal pads should be?

1.0mm or 1.5mm?

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.. All these terribubble bumps!

wew 100th reply!

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Hi all,

Any idea ?

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kekool95 wrote:
Hi all,

Any idea ?

Where do you people come from?! ;U

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I repasted with the Thermal Grizzly conductonaut and the 0.5mm thermal pads, my idle temps are now sitting at 27/28c for the GPU and 35-45c on the CPU, im not hitting thermal throttling at all now and im very impressed and would recommend it.