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Renewing in a less expensive way ( ? ) Best time to upgrade models?

Level 7
NOTE: This is not an issue of any sort, just a thought I decided to share and view your opinions on.

I was thinking the other day, since the new G751 model is out would it be a good idea for one to sell his current laptop and buy the G751?
Of course when you put it that way the question sounds more than stupid, so I will speak for my case.
I own the G750 JZ . Is it a good idea to sell the laptop while the price on it is still pretty much the same and add a little from myself to get the next version? After a year, if all is well, sell the one I got now and buy the next version.
My thoughts are not concentrated on having the newest of technology, since we all know that even if you do have the newest, it will be the newest for a month.
But thinking about several years later, when you decide you want to change your laptop, the one you have right now,which is still at a high price, wont cost so much at all and selling it will bring you a very small part of the money you would need to get the one you like(if you still want a highly priced one like the one you have now).
Changing your laptop every year is probably a pain in a way , but I kinda think that spending a little cash every year would be a lot more affordable than having to pay the whole sum at once, when you need to change your laptop, which will eventually happen.
Just a thought of mine any opinions are more than welcome. 🙂