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Reinstalling Windows 8 Home Premium on G75VW and other random issues.

Level 8
Got my G75VW which is a nice machine. Only one dead Pixel on my screen.

Tried to resize my windows partition and data partition with a 3rd party tool. Completely botched my hdd.
Could not restore, recover or reset windows 8 with anything.
Ended up blanking the whole thing and putting Win 7 for the moment so i could use the machine.

From my research the SLIC 3.0 standard for OEM activation takes the serial that use to be on the Windows Sticker stuck to the machine of old, and embeds it inside the Motherboard's UEFI Firmware. As such, there are no longer any master OEM serials.

Now i took the Windows 8 Pro disc I got when i bought the 40 dollar Win 8 Pro upgrade and tried it on my Asus. Booted and ran, but where the serial entry screen would normally be, it just gave me an error saying that "the serial does not match the version on the disc" AKA, the Windows 8 Home Premium Serial on the MOBO would not work with my Win8 Pro Disc.

Solution: get a Win 8 Home Premium Disc.
Issue: none exist.

Question: Does anyone know how to create a Home Premium Disc from a Pro Disc that will use the OEM embedded Serial?


Have a link to download the ISO?


If anyone from asus is reading this, could you please post a link to download the Win 8 Home Premium ISO in the support section?

There are no more master serials or anything like that. The disc just reads the embedded serial and installs windows.

This would be a huge help.


PS was just sitting here with my asus next to me and it randomly just hard shut down. Weird....

Also noted, cannot use the touchpad and keyboard at the same time?

Touchpad occasionally freezes.

FN media Hotkeys only work with Windows Media Center, not the media player in focus or last in focus. Really damn annoying.

Asus, please fix this silly issues.

Level 13
can you try this?