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Recently purchased g75vw

Level 7
I recently purchased a g75VW. My hard drive crashed and I had to have another one installed. I could not do it myself so I had to have a trustworthy shop by me do the install. Now Im looking to really set this laptop up the right way, so I was hoping that I could get some advice as to setting up and tweaking settings for low level game play machine as well as a reliable computer for graphic design (illustrator, Photoshop, flash, etc)

Level 7
Lol. If you have to have a shop install a hard drive for you I must question why you got a gaming laptop. You won't have to change anything in the laptop, it will run all adobe programs faster than you can handle.
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Level 13
this laptop of yours can turn into a beast with a ssd. for a start i think you should have the following upgrades:
1. use ssd for your OS and apps/games;
2. use hdd for data storage/downloads.

to minimize potential issues, it's best to have a fresh install of the OS. if possible, also add more ram. (it can support up to 32gb of ram)

sorry off topic but I have a question for you. I have the G55VW model with msata ssd 128 gb and 750 gb hard drive. My issue is that I want to put World of Warcraft on ssd but it has almost 30 gigs. Can i swap my drive with an ssd and still have the windows run from the msata ssd, wow and other games from the caddy ssd and downloads and stuff to remain on the hdd?

Well sure you change out your 750 gb hard driver for a SSD if that's what you want to do. Surly Windows is already running and booting from your MSATA?
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