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Really Really need help with G75vw display

Level 7
So, i upgraded the G75vw to windows 10. My display got funky. So i downgraded. Issue has persisted. This is what is happening.

If i start the lappy with no external display, my internal never turns on. However, if I have an external connected, and pre-windows screens show up on the external, then when windows loads up, boom my internal turns on and will stay on even if external is disconnected. Any ideas?

Level 14
Well you bios thinks your using a external monitor, but once windows starts it see's your screen and the software fires it up. I don't remember any setting in BIOS that related to external monitors. You have looked in the NVidia setting to insure your default monitor is your screen? That would be NVidia Control Panel/Display/set up multiple displays.
Also you can check control panel\All Control Panel Items\Display\Project to a second Screen make sure your setting this defaults to your screen.
If none of that work uninstall the NVidia drivers that will put you on the default Window VGA Driver and check the settings in control panel again.
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