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Rate your Rig! Would you buy it Again?

Level 9
Greetings to All,
After owning my G75VW since June, Reading all the threads of issues still not resolved, taking into account the amount of money spent on the system & considering the performance I receive, I wonder how many of us would buy our laptops again?

Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10.

Audio Performance 1 being the worst & 10 being the best
Video Performance 1 being the worst & 10 being the best
Ease of Use 1 Being Hard & 10 Being Easy
Easy of Upgrade 1 Being Hard & 10 Being Easy
Features 1 Being Few & 10 being Many
Gaming Performance 1 being the worst & 10 being the Best
System Issues 1 being None & 10 being the Best
Tech Support 1 being the worst & 10 being the best
Quickness of Repair 1 Being Snail slow & 10 being Lighting Fast
Bang for Your Bucks 1 Being Little or None & 10 Being A Lot

Would you purchase your system again? Yes or No

I have to admit I would have to think hard about buying my Rig again. I have had 2 Toshiba's and they didn't cost anywhere near the price of this rig. I didn't have near the issues I have had and when I did they were much easier to repair or resolve.
Cost comparison $400.00 verses $1600.00.

Level 9
G55VW-ES71 here. So not a G75 but I will still play ball. 🙂

Audio Performance - 6
Video Performance - 9
Ease of Use - 8
Ease of Upgrade - 8
Features - 10 (Full keypad on a 15inch laptop is one of my personal favorites)
Gaming Performance - 8
System Issues - 9 (By this I mean that I have had very few, I didn't understand your scale on this one)
Tech Support - 10
Repair - Not applicable in my case.
Bang for buck - 9 (at the time I got it, it was one of the cheapest 660m laptops as I bought right before the Y580s release)

Would I buy again - Yes (Although I would probably get a G75 over the G55 next time around)

I would buy again in a heartbeat. Ever since I first saw the G74 I was in love with this family of laptops. They are beautiful to look at. I love all the features from the full keypad, to the backlit keyboard. The speakers are just average but the subwoofer (yes the g55 has one) is a nice touch, and after a simple driver update my problems were fixed. I have had very few issues with it and the few I have had were easy to fix. Gaming performance is great at 1920x1080 and at 1366x768 and the default screen was gorgeous.

I do feel I overpaid a bit as you can get a Qosimo with a 670 and the Y580 with a 660 for cheaper but I was paying more for the asus quality (my old Lenovo Y560p fell apart, it had amazing speakers and was a good laptop but it was defiantly cheaply built). This thing stays cool to the touch even when gaming which is nice, because old Y560p got unbearably hot when gaming. I had to get a laptop cooler, not to help keep it running cool, but to separate it from my lap. lol That thing was warm to the touch even on a dual fan cooler.

All in all the G55 is a huge leap forward from my old laptop (which cost 850 on sale but was usually 999 so in a similar price range as the G53 at the time) in every aspect except for the speakers (that Y560p had AMAZING speakers best speakers I have ever heard on a laptop). But build quality, performance, coolness, features, and style the G55 has blown it away.

G75VW-DS73, 32GB RAM, Samsung 830 SSD, 750GB SATA, Intel 6300 WiFi

Audio Performance - 8 - Amazing for a laptop, but it's not a real audio system

Video Performance - 9 - Very crisp display, an HD movie looks amazing
Ease of Use - 10
Ease of Upgrade - 10 Just hand me some tools
Features - 9
Gaming Performance - Never gamed on a PC 😛
System Issues - 10 - None
Tech Support - I've never called
Repair - Never repaired
Bang for buck - 6 - It was $1800 for the system, and I have over $1000 in it... so...

Yea I'd do it all over...
G75VW-DS73-3D | 670m 3GB | 32GB RAM | 1TB RAID-0 2 x 830 512GB SSD DualBoot | Killer-N 1103 WiFi

Level 11
Audio Performance - 1 - if you really are into audio stuff, this is terrible and there is nothing you can do to fix it;
Video Performance - 10 - for 1k€ there was nothing better on the market;
Ease of Use - 7 - it's a 7 due to lack of BIOS OC features that I have in G55;
Easy of Upgrade - 5 - it's a 5, but even so I feel it's too much since for complete RAM swap I need to lose the warranty;
Features - 8 - not that bad, it has everything I need;
Gaming Performance - 8 - so far so good, but since it's not top performance, I can't give it a 10;
System Issues - 5 - I have a few;
Tech Support - N/A - have not used it, just service - was OK mostly, parts get here very slowly;
Quickness of Repair - 1 - very very slow;
Bang for Your Bucks - 10 - I got it at a great price, so it's a solid 10.

Would you purchase your system again? Yes, I would. A working unit is a very good buy. The only real alternative would be a Clevo and I already have one. Still I use Asus daily.

Level 7
G75vw-ds72 16gb ram, gtx670m 3gb gpu, 256ssd + 500 gb 7200rpm. Blue ray burner.

Audio Performance - 9 - I have a little hearing loss over the years, but sound good to me
Video Performance - 9 - Very crisp display, an HD movie looks amazing
Ease of Use - 10
Ease of Upgrade - I bought the version with everything I wanted.
Features - 9 ,10 if they had put a 5ghz intel wifi card in it.
Gaming Performance - 9 best gaming laptop I have ever Owned
System Issues - 10 - All issues I had were when I upgraded to windows 8 pro, but this forum got the answers to get it right.
Tech Support - Not needed it forum has been great tech support 🙂
Repair - Never repaired

I would do it again, though I might of spent the extra 200 for the 3d version.

Level 7

Audio Performance - 7 - it's okay but not the best. Usually if I'm listening to music I'll just put my headphones.
Video Performance - 9 - 17' Screen TV and Movies look really good on this and I like that there is no mirror.
Ease of Use - 10 -
Easy of Upgrade - 8 - I would have like to see 680m would have been opitional for this, but 660m is not bad either.
Features - 9 -
Gaming Performance - 8 - 660m does great once you overclock it.
System Issues - 5 - First G75 that I got ended up being a dud. Crashed about 50 times first day I got and I ended up exchanging it for another one. No problems since.
Tech Support - Never had to do it.
Quickness of Repair - Never had to do it.
Bang for Your Bucks - 7 - At the ended of the day I was looking for a nice laptop and could handle most games that I play at a reasonable price. 1500 compared to an alien the specs are what they are worth. Judging what's out there now, you can get a MSI with 680m for 1300 now. Let's be honest tho, Does MSI look better than Asus. Not really.

Would you purchase your system again? If there was a 680m for a reasonable price and not over 2,000 and looks as clean like G75, more then likely yes I would.

Level 7
G75 , 12 ram , 670m, 256ssd. 1 tb hdd louisy...yow yow...

Audio : 9 ( depends of audio quality you playing )
Video: 8 Not bad at all ( i dream of a 680m , but who am i kidding ...)
Ease of use : 10
Easy upgrade: 9 ( Asus not targeting that market anyway for advance upgrades although you can upgrade cpu , ram, hard drives... wifi ... )
Features: 9
Gaming 9 ( what do you expect form a 670m + 12 ram + SSD )
System issues 8 - my wifi module sucks for some reason other than that all good
Tech support : hmmmm
Quickness of repair: double hmmmmm
Bang for bucks: for a VX with the price i payed for this VW sweettttttttt

Would i purchase again? i saw the G75 next to an Alienware with flashy light and an alien logo Asus hit the jack pot with the design runs super cool and silent (Thanks Asus) so what do you think?

Level 14
Audio Performance 1
Video Performance 9
Ease of Use 7
Easy of Upgrade 9, I haven't upgraded anything
Features 9
Gaming Performance 9 I don't game but all my software runs very quickly with out issues
System Issues 3, have had several issues. My M70 went almost 4 years with out any issues with out ever reinstalling Windows
Tech Support 4 tech support tries to be helpful but for the most part they don't get it. If not for this ROG forum, I probably would have returned this unit.
Quickness of Repair 9 the one time I sent this unit in I got it back in 6 days door to door. The problem was not fixed, No new damage was done.
Bang for Your Bucks 5

Would you purchase your system again? Yes

I'm kind of mixed on this unit, I do really like it. I did expect that with a gaming notebook to have to do some configuring and work through some issues. I really didn't expect hardware issues or a sound system that doesn't work well. I really didn't expect to have to send it in for a hardware issue and get it back with the exact same issue. I've gone through 3 top of the line Gateways while they weren't problem free, every time I had a problem it was solved with in 36 hours. They just sent me a unit I only needed to drop in my hard drive and ram. So I had very little down time at all. My M70sa was problems free for 4 years until the video card failed. So I will be paying close attention here in the forum to see what I'll do in 3 years from now when I'll be buying my next one.
G752VY-DH72 Win 10 Pro
512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
1 TB Samsung 850 pro 2.5 format
980m GTX 4 GB
32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
Windows 10 Pro
Z97 -A
Windows 10 Pro

Level 8

Audio performance-7: There was that subwoofer issue for a while, but it wasn't all that hard to fix manually once I got annoyed. I prefer to use headphones so the meh speakers don't bother me. I could ask for a better microphone, but I don't think other laptops would have any advantage there.

Video performance-9: I don't see any problems with it, but nothing special either. Everything I do looks great on the external monitor I use at least, and the full HD resolution keeps me from having issues with the size as well.

Ease of Use-9: The initial setup was simple and I could get right into whatever I wanted immediately after. The special function keys have image labels that are easy to understand.

Ease of Upgrade: I haven't tried so I wouldn't know. The G55 is a little harder than the G75 from what I've read though.

Features-9: It can easily play any game I try, and that's pretty much all I want out of a computer. It's one point off from perfect because It's too large and heavy to carry around at all times (even though it's the 15 inch option).

Gaming Performance-9: The only thing I notice frequently is that vsync is very necessary, even when performance is great either way.

System Issues-6: I had to replace the unit twice, though it turned out the first problem was not specific to the hardware. Of the three units I've used, the second had a faulty something and overheated drastically even while underperforming and crashing all the time. The first and current ones work great apart from a minor touchpad issue that really should have been fixed by the touchpad's manufacturer (it's as simple as changing the default setting of a single registry variable) and ASUS couldn't really do much about it.

Tech Support-6: During the touchpad issues, the online manuals didn't help at all (in fact, they only referenced some other version of the software that wasn't available anywhere I looked) and directly contacting tech support resulted in the exact same advice. I don't know what they could have done, but what they DID do didn't help.

Quickness of Repair: I got an exchange instead so I wouldn't know, I was certainly able to walk right into the retailer and hand them my slightly less than ideal system in exchange for another of the same model.

Bang for your buck-7: $1500 can do a lot of other things than buy a laptop. On the other hand, the closest Alienware option is more expensive (G55 was actually just a bit over $1400 after tax while M17x is $1499 before), with 2GB less RAM and a lower resolution screen. It's not the only competition, but I could certainly do worse in terms of price-value for a gaming laptop.

Level 13

Audio Performance: 5
Video Performance: 8
Ease of Use: 9; for my daily usage, it's good enough.
Easy of Upgrade: 5; not really upgrade friendly (way too many screws); need to void warranty if i need to use my mSATA slot, do complete RAM upgrade, clean up my cooling fans, or CPU/GPU repasting; i personally think there is really no such need to lock down a system this way; but if it's really that necessary, please provide value-added services to those who need the upgrades (CPU, GPU, RAM, mSATA, WIFI, etc.), without voiding warranty.
Features: 8; it has all i need (except for the display resolution);
Gaming Performance: 8; the games i play are working fine i seldom game.
System Issues: 5; i cannot upgrade my bios to the latest; and a few of others that i can live with.
Tech Support: ?; it's fine since day one; haven't (and hopefully never need to) experienced this.
Quickness of Repair: ?; as above.
Bang for Your Bucks: 8; it's a good machine. cool and quiet. i can't complain.

Would you purchase your system again? if there is no G75, yes. it's just nice for my usage in general.