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RAT 9 works fine in one G750JW but doesn't work in another G750JW notebook - help

Level 7
My Reddit RAT 9 (wireless mouse that uses a receiver and batteries charged in the receiver) worked fine in my PC for long years. Last week the receiver turned up lights and 10 seconds after that it turned off so RAT couldn't even install the driver (i just tried again, and i got the same...).

I asked a friend who has exactly the same ASUS G750JW PC to test my RAT and he could use it with no problems!!!!

Whats is wrong in my Notebook that i can't use the RAT and my friend used it freely??????

Do i have to format my Note????

Please, give me a solution...

This is the page of my PC drivers. I am not sure if all of these are updated... I am trying to discover that.

I use Windows 10, 64 bits as my OS. My USBs are all 3.0, and i already tried to use and USB 2.0 adaptor to test, and got no solution.

Please, help