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Random shutdown. Asus ROG g750 JM

Level 7
Hey guys. I had an issue right before im typing this. I had chrome open, I was playing some warframe. My laptop just shut down completely. I ave windows 7 OS and the laptop is a G750JM series so an i7, 8 Gb RAM and a Nvidia 860m inside. t had no crash dump created either after I turned it on again. What I did do today was bought a webcam, since the integrated one along with the mic just stopped working recently.

To answer some questions:
-I did check the event viewrs in adminisrative tools to see the logs. I dont know how to read them properly but nothing seemed to be there to suggest a serious issue? I think?
-I usually have a HW monitor up to keep track of temps. They were fine, running around 60's when it happened and the RPM on the fan was about 2600.
-Could it be the new webcam? Once I turned on windows again, it gave me the detecting new hardware and hardware successfully installed message, even though the Webcam has been disconnected for a while from the Laptop now.

I am just really concerned as I don't think I ever had this happen before.
I should note that the laptop is about 6 years old, I always made sure to keep it in good condition and not puh it to it's limit ever. The OS? that is about 4 years old now, should I think about switching to 10 soon?

Level 10
Hello blackguard,
So the shutdown only happened once?
After you set up the new webcam?
Thank you.