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Ram Upgrade

Level 7
Through about 20 hours of watching the same 2 videos on YouTube I decided to break down and just upgrade my ram. I have the G53-Xn1. Purchased from newegg. I thought the system had 6gbs of ram initially. I ran system and only 4gbs were showing. I said not a prob and went through process of adding.
I've added the 2x4gb sticks to the place under the laptop area. There was a 2gb sitting there. I started the laptop and it worked fine. went to system said only 4gbs was in. Was like OK. Since in tinker mood i added the 2gb stick to under the keyboard. This means I should have a total of 14 gbs in. A 4gb in the unaccessible place without voiding warranty. The 2x4gb i added next to HDD. And a 2bg (came with comp was where i added the 2x4gb). Went to system again and still says 4bg
I haven't had any blue screens. Everything works and runs fine and even ran the update on windows index, Still 4gb. Went to and it said for a "Intel Mobile HM65" its max is 8gb and i was using 1 4gb slot and only had 1 slot open.. To my knowledge This lappy has 4 total and all are full of ram Total 3x4gb 1x2gb. Nothing I do says 14gb. Also noticed last week I'm regularly running about 98 tasks. Any other users have ram recognition issues?

Level 7

Level 10
Just to clarify, could you briefly list the following:

(1) What was the original RAM configuration (the actual modules), and what RAM was reported in Windows?

(2) What is the current RAM configuration, and what RAM is reported in Windows?

(3) Have you ever looked in the BIOS to see what RAM is recognized there?

Came with 6bg total 1x4gb 1x2gb.

Windows said it recognized 6gb

After installing it wont go off 4gb even when taking new out and putting the 2gb stick in original slot.

Under uncore information it says 4098 ram

for (2) the current ram in is 14 gb 2x4gb g.skill ddr3 ( i added) 1x4gb (stock[came with comp]) and 1x2gb(stock[came with comp])

k got there (sorry never been there with a win7 OS)

Under uncore information it says 4098 ram

Level 7
Sorry keep spacing this out. for (2) the current ram in is 14 bg 2x4bg g.skill ddr3 ( i added) 1x4gb (stock[came with comp]) and 1x2gb(stock[came with comp])

Level 10 access the BIOS, you press F2 immediately (and repeatedly) after powering up. On the first page, you'll see the basic hardware configuration of your machine- the CPU, the RAM, etc. Don't change anything if you don't know what you're doing in there....just use it to view your system setup. If the BIOS isn't recognizing your RAM modules, they may be incompatible.

You didn't clarify what the "new" memory is. I see in your original post that you added 2x4Gb modules. What exactly are those? Would it be possible to take all the RAM out and just use the 4Gb modules? I know the G53 has a weird slot configuration, with a "hidden" slot that's harder to get to.....have you accessed that one?

Level 7
The 1 slot under keyboard is currently holding what came with the comp the 2gb. In the slots next to HDD are what I added 2x4gb g.skill DDR3-1333
the one hidden slot that voids warranty if i go there hold the original 4bg and has been untouched.

Oh, the hidden slot has a 4Gb module? I was thinking it had a 2Gb module.

I would take out all but that one. Power up and check the BIOS to make sure it registers properly (as 4Gb).

Next, add a 4G module to slot 2....wherever that is. Again, check to see if the BIOS recognizes it and shows 8Gb total.

Add another 4Gb module, this time in slot 3. Check the BIOS to see if it registers the expected 12Gb.

Personally, I wouldn't add the 2Gb module, but if all is working well up to this point, you could try putting it in slot 4.

A concern here is potential memory mismatches. The original two modules are different...2Gb and 4Gb...hopefully they are at aleast the same manufacturer and timings. Then your added GSkill RAM, which is perfectly good memory, but it's probably different from the OEM RAM manufacturer. Whenever possible, it's best to have matched modules....different RAM can sometimes cause problems.

Level 14
Here is a thread from another user who successfully upgraded his G53sw-XN1 RAM to 14 GB:

He just added 2x4 GB to his existing 6 GB and all was well. I didn't see if he mentioned specifics about his new memory, but you could probably send a PM for that info.
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