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R.A.T. 9 mouse problem on USB 3

Level 7
Now, I know this isn't the place to post this, but anywhere else I found this problem lead to no solution.
So it's like this: I bought a Mad Cats RAT 9 along with my G75VX. It worked fine at first, a little weird, but I thought that was just me.
Now, after 3 months, the cursors moves jerky and when it does that the battery meter goes from % to a crossed out battery.
The guys from mad cats are very nice to know about this problem, saying it's an USB 3 problem and I should move it to an USB 2 port, not that I have one. No driver updates have been released or any tweaks I can make to the port, that I know of.
Any one have any idea how to solve this or ever encounter this issue?

Level 14
Well you don't mention is your running wireless or wired? if wireless check out this links
G752VY-DH72 Win 10 Pro
512 GB M.2 Samsung 960 Pro
1 TB Samsung 850 pro 2.5 format
980m GTX 4 GB
32GB DDR 4 Standard RAM

Z97 PRO WiFi I7 4790K
Windows 10 Pro
Z97 -A
Windows 10 Pro

Level 7
It's a wireless mouse, all rat 9 are wireless.
I re installed the OS and it worked for about 10 minutes. I turned it around now( as in 180* from it's initial position) and haven't seen much activity yet... thinking it might be some imperfect contact or maybe a broken cable. I would put interference at the end of the list since it worked fine for about 3 months in that exact same position.
Thanks for the link though, will definitely give it a thorough look.

Mad Catz mouses only support officially USB 2.0. Use some USB Hub.

Level 9
I have a R.A.T 3 and no problems;

I think your Mouse is failing_ The sensor (light) on the bottom is probably on its way out. Not a common problem but it does happen;

I suggest if you have another computer to try it on another computer and see if the same problem persists; if you still have the same problem then yes your mouse is failing;

If not then you got a bad USB port or somethings being buggy (USB drivers; ect.) ; maybe try cleaning the contacts? rubbing alcohol and a q-tip would work.