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Questions regarding ASUS ROG laptops

Level 7

I am using a 2016 ROG Strix 17 inch and wanted to buy another 17 inch. I watched a ton of reviews and they generally said the Zephyrus line G14 or G15 is the best model this year and are superior to the 17 inch ROGs. I'm looking now and there doesn't seem to be a 17 inch of this G 14/ G15, only S17. I see that the marketing for Zephyrus streams highlights the slimness which I don't care about. I see that there's a Zephyrus S17, Scar, and Strix 17 inch ROG but not sure which one to pick. Can anyone shed light on this and why popular reviewers are advising the smaller models over the larger ones?

The general thumb used to be that you get more bang for your buck with the bigger laptops since there's a premium on compactness of components. Is this no longer true?


Level 7

My Purpose is to be use for Education, taking up Architecture.  I choose ASUS configuration as advised by the professor.  Actually not want ASUS, I'd rather use MacBook Pro but since it is suggested by the professor i take ASUS.

Now using ASUS, after 2 years and 1 day, the machine black out and according to the service center due to LCD problem and needs to be repalced.  I bought one more ROG machine then after 3 most of 1 year warranty, so the machine is just around 15 months, again we encounter a black out and a problem on motherboard.  Both machine is not being used on a day to day basis, maybe just the most 3 days in a week for only around 4 hours and just using Microsoft Word or Browser.  Both machines were not used for gaming and even for Graphics for architecture.

With these, I can say ASUS IS A LEMON MACHINE.

Very frustrating and disppointed and trusted ASUS when it is a LEMON MACHINE.