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Questions about the ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JS-NH71

Level 7
Hi guys!,

I am in the market of getting a new gaming laptop, and I am seriously considering purchasing the ASUS ROG G750 Series G750JS-NH71 from newegg. Does anybody have any experiences with this machine? I just want to know if it runs solid and if the screen isn't super crap. I had purchase the msi dominator 895 before, but I returned it because the lcd had massive color banding and the machine would stop recognizing the gpu randomly even with updated drivers.

Level 7
Hi t3nch0
I'm also planning to buy the same laptop. As of now from my research about the product it comes packed with 1TB HDD(7200 rpm) and about the screen no one has any problem. You can install an SSD once you have the laptop.!

wait for a few more days so that people using the laptop may give a better reply.

Level 7
I'm on my 2nd G750JS-NH71. The first one was a nightmare. Fans running constantly, forgetting it had an NVidia chipset, blue screens. I had to send it back. Ordered another one, though, because I wanted the processing speed, the RAM, the 1920x1080 screen, 7200rpm drive, and the Thunderbolt port so I could continue using a rather expensive FireWire sound device -- the 2nd unit, so far, has been great. Quiet, fast, no complaints.

Level 7
they are good if you get a good one. i had to take my first one back. allot of people have had problems with these things. if you truly need a laptop id say get one. but if its going to sit at home mostly, build a tower. it will be cheaper and desktop parts run allot faster.

Level 7
Hey guys,
I just bought this one from NewEgg (G750JS-NH71). I added a 256GB SSD and put the OS on that, so I'm pretty happy with that and the 1TB 7200 RPM HDD.

Anyways, I'm glad it doesn't have hardly any bloatware, but I'm starting to think I'm missing some of the Asus software. I see GPU Tweak but that's about it. What Asus software do you guys see on yours? Also, the Asus website mentions Killer Wireless on the G750JS but I it looks like mine just has standard Broadcom 802.11ac.