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Questions about some G53 rumors

Level 7
Im currently looking into buying a new gaming laptop. Im stuck between choosing a Lenovo Y570 with a 555m or a G53SW with the 460. My main issue is with all the reviews I see with the G53 and 73/74 models in regards to keyboard movement and power button/booting issues. Has this been worked out? I dont see anything on here about it, but I didnt look beyond the first couple pages. With the deal going on Newegg or the G53, Im seriously thinking of grabbing it but want to make sure I dont get something I will have to RMA just to get it working.
G73JH - BST7 BIOS 213

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i own a g53sx and i have no issues with it

S84kam wrote:
i own a g53sx and i have no issues with it

You never had any issues with the power button, or powering the computer up? This is my primary concern in getting this computer.
G73JH - BST7 BIOS 213

Level 10
I've had several G53 units and none had the issue. You need to remember that the bad power button does not affect every unit, and actually is a low percentage of the number of actual owners. Feel free to ask the retailers as to how many have been returned vs how many they've sold.
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