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Question using MSI afterburner with G751

Level 7
This is my first time using MSI Afterburner, and I'm trying to monitor my CPU temperatures in-game.

MSI Afterburner shows me a list of eight CPU temperatures and another one that says "CPU Temperature" without a core number beside it.

Using OSD for all 9 of these CPU temperature items would obviously be a bit too much. Which CPU temp do I use to monitor? Does the one that says CPU Temperature without a core number mean the average of all CPU temperatures?

Since the temperature values seems to spike back and forth without giving a constant number (like with desktops), I'm not sure which CPU temperature item I should use from the list.


Level 10
The no-number one, I believe is connected to the CPU Core Max attribute. This gives an average maximum temperature of all cores. I use HWINFO for CPU stuff and MSI-A for GPU stuff, they both use Riva tech so you can have them both up. But yeah, I was looking at the hwinfo stats and they matched up quite nicely with what MSI-A was giving me. I would go with that.

If I'm not mistaken you can set how frequently the statistic is refreshed so it updates faster. You can do this with HWINFO, nut sure about MSI-A.